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Emphasizing Experience: Customer-Engaging Dispute Resolution

How to Build Customer Loyalty by Involving Them in Your Dispute & Deduction Management

When your customers have a complaint regarding your service, product or billing they can react by not paying or deducting your invoices, potentially entering into a conflict – how you handle that conflict says a lot about your company. Proactively engaging your customers quickly, competently, and decisively increases customer satisfaction and improves customer payment behavior. Watch our webinar recording to find out more.

In our webinar we will showcase how you can build a customer-oriented dispute management. Learn how to be empowered to resolve disputes and deductions quickly and professionally by standardizing, optimizing, and automating processes, improving the experience of your customers:

  • Speed up and improve your dispute resolution with intelligent automation, eliminating manual steps and errors for less DSO and happier customers
  • Retrieve and process debit notes/memos and dispute receipts automatically with our AI-powered and self-learning capturing technology without losing time with manual files or e-mail processing
  • Create a positive experience for your customers, even in case of complaints and conflict by offering a self-service portal, simplifying and standardizing communication and engagement