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Virtual Roundtable: How to Automate the Processing of PSP Settlement Files in SAP

The growing demand of customers for a wide range of payment options has swiftly increased the complexity of the payment reconciliation process for shared service centres. On top of bank statements, remittance advices, check information, businesses must now also be able to handle new formats like the settlement files of payment service providers (PSP).  

But how can finance teams in shared service centres best handle such formats without adding more manual workload on their already strained capacities?  

Tune into this recorded virtual roundtable with Callisto Grand on 14 June to explore PSP Reconciliation, our cloud-based service that lets you easily handle settlement files and fits seamlessly into your SAP environment.  

PSP Reconciliation addresses all the challenges finance professionals face in the retrieval, processing, and reconciliation of settlement files from payment service providers.

Key Insights

With PSP Reconciliation you can:  

  • Integrate as many payment service providers into your sales channels as you like, offering your customers maximum choice and service quality 
  • Optimize the retreieval and processing of PSP settlement information either via files or API, and seamlessly import the data into your SAP system 
  • Minimize manual work through intelligently automated format conversion, reconciliation, and SAP matching 
  • Apply cash faster while enhancing working capital and delivering faster visibility into KPIs  


Callisto Grand