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How to Boost Your Cash App Auto-Match Rates in SAP

08.06.2023   |  English

While the rise of electronic payments and alternative payment channels boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction, it also makes the payment reconciliation process more complex. AR teams are faced with the challenge of retrieving and reconciling information from different sources and matching them against information in their system—a time-consuming and manual process.

Join Garoid Pierse  and Michael Koehler from Serrala, for an insightful joint webinar with FCFP on July 26, 12 PM EST and learn how to:

  • Integrate information from electronic bank statements, lockboxes, and payment service provider settlement files in your SAP system.
  • Maintain and boost your auto-match rates in SAP.
  • Gain visibility on your cash application process.

Please use the code SERRGUEST in the payment coupon to register for this Webinar for free.

How to Boost Your Cash App Auto-Match Rates in SAP