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Sanctions Screening and Anti-Money Laundering Checks in Uncertain Times

24.06.2022   |  English

Regular sanctions screening and compliance with anti-money laundering and other global payment regulations is not only good business, it is the law. With governments enacting international sanctions and growing incidents of cybercrime and fraud, how can you implement and digitize screening of customers, suppliers and other business partners to ensure compliance and protect your business ? 
In this joint session with CRF on June 21 at 2 PM EST,  Michael Koehler and Joyce Carpenter will share best practices on how to identify and score potential risks and exposures. You will also discover how to:

  • Implement embargo screening, anti-money laundering and sanctions list checks
  • Ensure globally compliant payment processes
  • Document the audit trail for the full lifecycle of payment transactions
  • Implement fraud prevention strategies 


Sanctions Screening Webinar


Michael Koehler

Michael Koehler

Principal Solution Architect, Serrala
Joyce Carpenter

Joyce Carpenter

Partner & Alliance Manager, Serrala