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Portfolio Management Strategies in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis

How to Protect Your Cash and Ensure Liquidity

As cash flows tighten up in the face of the economic crisis triggered by COVID-19, finance teams find themselves under increasing pressure to collect on their outstanding receivables. Collections processes can be complex and challenging enough during normal times; however, the current economic situation has given the word ‘challenging’ a whole new meaning.

Watch our webinar “Portfolio Management Strategies in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis” to find out how you can protect your cash in times of crisis and beyond.

In our webinar we will give you first-hand practical guidance on how you can:

  • Ensure working capital in an environment of tightening cash flow and credit
  • Standardize collection strategies while also maintaining flexibility and precision for each individual case
  • Improve customer experience by resolving disputes swiftly and professionally
  • Determine which technologies and processes make sense for your organization

Join Serrala experts David Popper and Michael Koehler for a 30-minute informative webinar on how to approach accounts receivables collection in the face of the current crisis. David was formerly the head of a collections team at a major pharmaceutical company prior to joining Serrala. He has years’ of valuable experience in accounts receivable collection. Michael has over 10 years’ experience working in the credit risk field. Both experts will deliver their insights into what companies can do to meet the current challenge of collecting on outstanding accounts.