PSP Reconciliation – Automated Settlement File Processing from any Payment Service Provider

Improve Customer Engagement and Support Faster Cash Allocation

The payments landscape has never been as dynamic and diverse as it is today. Fast and simple payment options have become something customers simply expect when conducting a purchase or paying a bill. As companies, both eCommerce and more traditional corporates, have massively adopted online payments to enable sales via the internet, they face completely new challenges in their accounts receivable management:

  • Processing daily settlement files provided by online Payment Service Providers (PSP) in their own specific format
  • Complying with PSP-specific reconciliation rules to avoid chargebacks and cancellations
  • Manual retrieval of PSP information from PSP-specific clunky payment portals

Our advanced PSP Reconciliation service retrieves PSP settlement information and converts the data into one structured format for automated processing within your accounting system. Integrate as many Payment Service Providers into your sales cycle as you want – without any additional back-office work load. The cloud-based service is agile and easily adjustable andplus scalable to the needs of your business. 


Drive Customer Engagement

PSP Reconciliation enables you to offer your customers multiple payment options, making it easier for them to conduct business with you, directly translating in more sales.


Speed up Cash Allocation

Consolidating settlement files from all your Payment Service Providers into one processable format supports cash application process, resulting in faster payment matching and more working capital.


Reduce Processing Time and Errors

Automating the complex and highly manual process of retrieving and evaluating PSP settlement files significantly speeds up your processing time and helps eliminating manual errors.

Allocate cash faster with an intelligently automated online payment settlement process

  • Automates retrieval and processing of PSP settlement information via files or API
  • Easily converts data into one structured format CAMT.54
  • Instantly makes the structured information available in the customer’s cash application systems for reconciliation of performed sales, orders, or outstanding balances
  • Seamlessly imports the data into the customer’s ERP system
  • Visibility into the KPIs for internal use, billing, and troubleshooting

At a glance: Benefits of PSP Reconciliation


Save time

Reduce costs and save time by automating manual processes, freeing up time for more value-added activities.


Increase quality

Increase quality: Reduce errors by standardizing the process of retrieving, converting, and reconciling information from PSP settlement files.


ERP agnostic

Flexible cloud environment, scalable to your business needs – works with any ERP system.


Supports straight through processing

PSP reconciliation helps improving follow-up processes, such as cash application, contributing to a streamlined order to cash automation from end to end.


Secure and reliable

Professionally managed and maintained PSP reconciliation service by an experienced service provider – no lengthy implementation project and no additional internal IT resources needed.



Future proof cloud-based technology with 365/24/7 monitoring and support and flexible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) logic to retrieve, convert, and deliver information.

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