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Accounts Payable Analytics

AP Analytics


Serrala AP Analytics: Dashboards & KPIs to Measure AP Performance

Today‘s finance organizations need access to fast, accurate information to gain deeper insights and drive better financial decisions – this is true for every part of the organization, including accounts payable. To effectively reduce processing costs, control spend and optimize vendor payments, AP requires fully digitized processes and robust reporting solutions to quickly and reliably measure AP performance from end-to-end. That´s where Serrala´s accounts payable analytics solution steps in.   

Pre-built accounts payable analytics with interactive visualizations and dashboards 

Serrala AP Analytics is a set of pre-built KPIs, reports and dashboards that deliver fast, accurate and relevant information to measure your AP process performance. Available as a cloud-based add on for your Serrala AP Automation solution, this structured, yet flexible analytics solution automatically aggregates data from across your organization to provide a 360 degree view of your AP processes.  

Everyone from the CFO, through to Global Process Owners and AP Analysts can use the intuitive BI dashboards and reports to understand what’s happening in AP. The interactive charts, graphs, and tables are easy to navigate and easy to understand. Data visualizations enable users to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that otherwise might go unnoticed when using traditional reports, tables, or spreadsheets. With a simple click, users can drill from high-level summaries down to specific transaction details to perform a more detailed root cause analysis.  

Accounts payable analytics enhance detailed process information and reporting capabilities 

Meaningful dimensions (e.g., vendor, clerk, etc.) and flexible filter and selection functions make it faster and easier for users to gain insights into your accounts payable analytics and track the progress of essential AP metrics such as: 

  • Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)  
  • Invoice Cycle Time 
  • Receipt to Post 
  • Spend Analysis 
  • Invoice Source  
  • AP Automation Rate  
  • Auto-posted Invoices 
  • Duplicates 
  • Exceptions 
  • Cash Discounts @ Risk % 
  • Cash Discounts Lost 
  • Time with AP Department 
  • and more… 

The sophisticated BI toolset provided with Serrala AP Analytics makes it possible to examine data in different ways. You can lasso data in charts and graphs, click on items in list boxes, move sliders, and select dates in calendars. Filtering of data will get instantly applied to the reports and dashboards. 

Globally automate and standardize AP reporting  

Each of the reports and dashboards can be quickly rolled out as standardized KPIs across a global AP organization. Data can be filtered based on the users’ business unit, location, cost center or other criteria.  

Access to detailed accounts payable analytics has never been easier. The reports and dashboards can be viewed in a web browser or on a mobile device. Users can easily review data wherever they are, at any time. Commonly used reports, dimensions and filters can be saved for future use and easily shared with others. The cloud-based accounts payable analytics solution does not require users to have specialized reporting knowledge or tools in order to perform detailed analyses of AP performance.   

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Why you should use Accounts Payable Analytics

icon-meaningful data visualization

Meaningful Data Visualizations

Examine, analyze and explore AP performance using easy-to-understand, interactive charts, graphs and tables that reveal patterns thar cannot be detected with spreadsheets.
standardized reporting tools

Standardized Reporting Tools

Roll out advanced AP reports and a sophisticated BI toolset across your entire organization to consistently track and meet your strategic objectives.
Icon-easy to use.

Easy to Use & Collaborate

View aggregated AP data in user friendly, cloud-based reports using a web browser or mobile device and easily share the data with others no other tools required.

Automated - Fast, Accurate Data

Provide financial decision makers with the information they need when they need it with reports that present, accurate data directly from your system of record.

Best-in-Class AP Metrics

Regularly measure your AP performance with the same KPIs used by best-in-class companies. Track your progress over time and identify trends to enable continuous improvement.

Flexible and Informative Reporting

Drive knowledge and enourage discovery with flexible, yet purpose-built reports that focus attention on the data that matters, and filtered using multiple dimensions and drill-downs.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Accounts Payable Analytics: The eye-opener for your AP performance

In-Depth Analysis

Analyze information from different perspectives using filters and dimensions. Easily drill-down to transaction details and sort information according your preferences to understand the drivers behind the data.

Comparative Analysis

Select and compare various sets of information to spot trends and highlight anomalies. Benchmark your performance against historical and forecasted data to maintain focus and enable process improvements.

Mobile Data Discovery

Analyze data from anywhere with your mobile device or through a standard web browser. Executives can easily explore high-level summaries or detailed AP data to stay on track.

Advanced Charting

Discover new data patterns and relationships using interactive visualizations. Pivot tables, along with pie, line, bubble and stacked bar charts, help users make sense of their data.

Collaborative Discovery

Increase collaboration across departments and improve transparency in the decision-making process by enabling users to annotate, save and share reports to explore data collectively.


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