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Accounts Payable Automation in SAP

AP Automation for SAP


Accounts Payable Automation in SAP with FS²AccountsPayable

Consistent performance is the hallmark of world-class AP departments, yet manual processes can make it difficult to ensure invoices are processed consistently across different locations or in compliance with fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements. 

FS² AccountsPayable is our Accounts Payable Automation software that completely automates invoice capture, processing, approval and exception handling so organizations can pay invoices quickly, capture available discounts and prevent fraud. 

Simplify Your Accounts Payable Process in SAP

FS² AccountsPayable enables organizations to capture invoices quickly and accurately using either manual (Paper, PDF) or electronic (Portal, eInvoice, EDI, etc.) invoice capture methods. For organizations looking to increase the rate of automated invoice capture, the software offers intelligent data extraction through Serrala SmartEye, a cloud-based, self-learning digital extraction tool, for efficient in-house invoice capture, and integration with leading eInvoicing or scanning service providers for outsourced invoice capture.

Automate Your Invoice Posting, Approval and Exception Handling 

Our Accounts Payable automation solution uses the principles of robotic process automation to process and post invoices automatically based on a set of configurable business rules augmented by machine learning capabilities. When auto-posting is not possible, our AP automation software efficiently routes invoices directly to the responsible individuals for approval or exception handling. Approvers have the option of approving invoices directly in the SAP system, via email, SAP Fiori, through a cloud-based web application on their desktop or mobile device. 

What FS² AccountsPayable Will Do For You: 

  • Handle Greater Invoice Volume: Leverage intelligent robotic process automation to process more invoices, faster and with greater accuracy. 
  • Flexibly Route Invoices for Approval: Automatically route invoices to the appropriate individual to approve invoices or resolve exceptions, for more efficient processing. 
  • View Real-time Invoice Information: View invoice status from initial capture through processing, posting and payment from a centralized dashboard with the ability to drill down to details. 
  • Centralize and Standardize Invoice Processing: Use the same standardized process for all invoices across all locations, business units, or enterprise systems to support global shared services centers. 

Accounts Payable Automation with a SAP S/4HANA Certified Solution 

FS² AccountsPayable is embedded in your SAP ERP system environment, which makes it quick to implement and easy to use – whether you use SAP S/4HANA or previous SAP systems such as ECC. For organizations with multiple enterprise resource planning systems (SAP and non-SAP systems), our AP automation software can be used as a global invoicing hub so the same process and real-time access to information is available for processing of all invoices. When combined with other Serrala SAP-integrated solutions such as FS² Payments, FS² Compliance, cloud components and managed services, the FS² AccountsPayable solution can be used to achieve a highly flexible, comprehensive Invoice-to-Pay solution. 

Add Value with End-to-End Processing and combine FS² AccountsPayable with our other modules: 

to benefit from a completely optimized procure-to-pay solution for managing your outbound payments. 

Calculate Your AP Automation ROI

Achieve your organization’s specific automation goals and save time and money with our AP automation calculator. See the potential savings that can be achieved by implementing our solution, which efficiently captures, validates, and processes vendor invoices, and start building your AP Automation ROI analysis today! 


Benefits with our Accounts Payable Automation Solution


All Formats and Sources

Intelligently capture manual and electronic invoices from all sources.

Improve Efficiency

Route invoices to the right person for faster approval or exception handling.

Increase Visibility

Track invoices from the moment they are received until the moment they are paid.

Infinitely Scalable

Enterprise-class solution scales to handle extremely large invoice volumes.
All formats and sources

Highly Configurable

Optimize automation with AI-enabled processes powered by configurable business rules.

Ensure Compliance

Standardize processing to ensure compliance and improve audit response times.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


Intelligent Workflows

Intelligently automated SAP workflows accelerate approvals and exception handling.

Centralized Infocenter

Centralized, real-time view of invoices across multiple locations, companies, or SAP systems.

AP Reporting

Robust dashboards and reports measure the efficiency and effectiveness of invoice processing.

Web and Mobile Access

Process invoices using a web browser or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Digital Document Storage

Store invoices electronically for secure, convenient access to information.

SAP 4/HANA Certified

Fully integrated with your SAP system landscape and certified for SAP S/4HANA.



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