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How to Future-Proof Your Invoice to Pay Process


Learn More About the Contemporary Role of Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is expected to transform from a tactical back-office function into a hub of strategic real-time information for better controlling outbound cash flows to improve working capital, mitigating payment fraud, and strengthening supplier relationships. To overcome this challenge accounts payable departments must implement accounts payable optimization strategies by automating their manual, and paper-based processes and adopting integrated, digitized invoice-to-pay solutions through an accounts payable automation solution.

Emerging technologies such as the cloud, robotic process automation (RPA) and managed services make the business case for automation more compelling than ever. Accounts payable departments have no time to lose: delays in automating their operations put their department and their business at risk.

This white paper shows the importance of transforming the invoice-to-pay process, explains why it’s essential to migrate to an
integrated, digital environment, lays out the benefits of integrated, digital invoice-to-pay solutions, and details three ways to use technology to transform the invoice-to-pay process.