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Pay by Link Solutions for Billers

Alevate Bill Pay

Online Payment from Any Channel on Any Device 

Serrala Alevate Bill Pay can help billers collect any payment not happening through Direct Debit. It does so by reaching people with messages that enable payment instead of just asking for it. Letting people authorize an online payment makes them more likely to do it quickly, eliminates mistakes and brings real-time visibility: Pay by link made easy.  

Online payment requests payable straight from the message with pay by link  

Whether for billing, dunning, collections or other use cases, making people type on a bank transfer or log into a portal leads to negative results: low and slow conversion, high DSO, matching problems, no visibility, lots of costly follow-up and unpleasant customer experiences.  

Alevate Bill Pay enables the bulk sending of digital payment requests that are payable online straight from the message, so customers can easily pay by link. Messaging channels include email, SMS, social messaging and even paper, but also your own customer portal or mobile app. We ensure a smooth branded experience everywhere, and payment options like credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort/Klarna, Barzahlen, EPS and now also Open Banking Payment Initiation for direct bank-to-bank transfers in the EU, and faster payments in the UK. 

Real-time status update brings clarity to sender and receiver

 Track the status of every message and payment in real-time to enable immediate clarity and even service. Fulfil a last-minute order or offer a last chance reminder to let customers avoid suspension of service. Experience clarity in your customer and service departments while enabling faster and smarter follow-up of unpaid bills

Serrala Alevate Bill Pay enables a cross-channel strategy, synchronizing the status of payment requests between messaging channels and copies pushed into your client portal and mobile app. Consistency, choice, clarity and convenience. The solution can even help enable online payment from paper, while offering customers the choice to switch to digital billing or Direct Debit. 

From integration to reconciliation: end-to-end solutions 

What ends up as a simple message with a pay by link on a consumer’s device, starts as a batch process from an ERP system. They can also come from a CRM application, Credit Management software or other systems. Serrala can quickly make it work however the data gets to us, taking care of all the IT details of the end-to-end process so you don’t have to. 

Serrala Alevate Bill Pay empowers you to speed up innovation and lower cost with an instant omnichannel payment strategy: Request a demo now

Benefits of Alevate Bill Pay

Why you should choose our pay by link solutions


Improve Customer Experience

Intuitive payment process for customers (pay by link), allowing them to pick and choose when to pay (scheduled) and what to pay (multi-select).

Lower DSO and Costs

Lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by 1-2 days overall and reduce collection cost by 30-50%.
Cross-Channel Synchronization

Cross-Channel Synchronization

Automatically synchronizes all messages to customers to bring clarity and transparency across every channel of communication.

Dynamic and Real-time

Track, report and use the status of each message and payment in real-time for immediate actions or updates, optimization and analytics.
 Any Device Channel

Any Channel, Any Device

Embedded into all digital channels plus paper. Send a payment request by email with a copy in the client portal and a reminder by SMS days later.
Valuable Contact Moments

Valuable Contact Moments

Leverage contact moments with your customers for upselling or data enrichment.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Key Features of Alevate Bill Pay

Transactional Messaging

Securely and reliably send and deliver the branded payment requests via any channel. Including orchestration based on address availability, successful delivery and preferences.

Real-time Status Tracking

Track the status of each message and payment (received, opened, clicked, paid) for real-time insights.

Payment Options

Dozens of integrations with online payment methods / providers including 1:1 payouts of credit card payments.

Automated Matching

Accurate payments with the right amount and reference, for improved reconciliation and payment matching.


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