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Cash Management and Cash Forecasting

Cash visibility is key to any treasurer. Achieve a truly global perspective of your cash position by integrating cash-relevant data from a uniquely broad range of sources into one single source of truth. Benefit from our automated cash and liquidity management solutions for a real-time view and a solid foundation for financial decision-making.

Making the Most of Corporate Cash

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Central Cash Visibility

Gain up to 100% central transparency by automatically integrating a uniquely broad range of internal and external data sources

Automation & Acceleration

Accelerate actuals and forecasting by reducing manual tasks and automating processes such as cash reconciliation by up to 99%

Reliable Real-Time Data

Integrating treasury and accounting provides a more accurate foundation of high quality data for treasury decision-making

Cash Positioning & Cash Forecasting

More than 100 reports provide key management insights into cash positioning, cash forecasting, plan/plan and plan/actual comparisons

Automate Your Cash and Liquidity Management Processes

A Truly Global Perspective

We go beyond the traditional view of bank accounts and cash balances by integrating a much wider range of data into a truly holistic cash overview



Full Financial Value Chain

By connecting treasury with accounting end-to-end Serrala provides better efficiency, security, automation and cash visibility for finance and treasury



Scalable to Your Needs

Whether you are looking for a simple bank statement view or to manage complex cash pools or in-house banks with POBO, Serrala has you covered


Trailblazing Tools for Your Cash and Liquidity Management

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Central Cash Management

Retrieve and consolidate data from various sources into a group-wide daily overview
clever cash forecasting

Clever Cash Forecasting

Flexibly configure categories for cash flow-based planning, scenarios and simulations
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Monitoring & Analytics

Automatically monitor and analyze real-time account information and cash flow status updates
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Financial Instruments

Manage loans, credit facilities, or money market instruments and connect to trade portals etc.
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Automated Processes

Easily configure settings yourself to get the data you need automatically and fast

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