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Success story: Helping ADIENT optimize their paperless invoice processing through AP automation

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Company: Leading automotive supplier

Shared Service Center: Bratislava, Slovakia

Products & Services: The largest global automotive seating supplier.

Employees: > 75,000

Revenue: € 17 billion

Business Need

  • Adient has regionally organized centers and local processes
  • Paper-based processes with several solution providers
  • Aim: Globally centralized, paperless Accounts Payables operations
  • Aim: Optimizing Invoice Processing and Supplier Relations


  • Serrala´s SAP-integrated software FS² AccountsPayable was capable of meeting the complex business requirements
  • Serrala was the only vendor capable of delivering a suitable solution
  • trust in long-term relationship
  • Serrala convinced with a phased approach to adopting and building a global integrated process across multiple locations


  • Cost-reduction opportunities: Paper storage, personnel, processing efficiencies – all improvements enable reduced costs per invoice as a key performance indicator
  • Cash flow optimization: Improved visibility and cash allocation
  • Reduced risk to organization: Improved transparency of transactions, enhanced controls with structured approval workflows
  • Increased Service Levels: Response time for vendor queries, employee needs, or requestors, in general, was significantly improved.
  • Reduced Risk: Implemented workflows and electronic approvals, storage of documents reducing potential risks coming from lost/unavailable documents
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Overall, Adient has benefitted from greater transparency of invoices, more efficient processes, and cost reductions thanks to the introduction of the Accounts Payable solution including the following qualitative benefits:

  • Automatic posting of invoices; electronic capture of unstructured invoice information; faster, easier approvals with intelligent pre-coding of Non-PO Invoices; auto-detection and rejection of duplicates; easier manual payment request handling, B2B Vendor Portal
  • Full central control over AP worldwide: number of transactions and items, payment statuses, tracking, maximum efficiency and transparency

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