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AP Automation Cloud Solution

Accounts Payable Automation in the Cloud


Serrala Alevate AP Accelerates Your AP Automation in the Cloud

Serrala Alevate AP is an agile, flexible, and secure AP automation cloud solution for managing the capture, validation and processing of vendor invoices. Our solution integrates with your existing on-premise systems so you can improve the speed, accuracy and transparency of invoice processing and control supplier spend across your entire organization. 

Our AP automation cloud solution intelligently automates invoice processing, so you can autopost up to +80% of all invoices and reduce the cost per invoice by up to 60%. Our solution standardizes invoice processing and automates routine, rule-based tasks using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, so users can focus on more complex invoice approval or exception handling tasks. 

Cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation 

Many companies struggle to process invoices using old, outdated and inefficient processes, making it difficult for accounts payable teams to address common challenges, such as high invoice volume, multiple invoice formats, high rates of invoice exceptions and more.  

Serrala Alevate AP solves these challenges with a cloud-based digital invoice processing solution. It captures invoices electronically and intelligently automates the invoice approval, exception handling and posting process, so you can achieve a complete view of invoices and their processing status across multiple systems, locations and business units. 

Our AP Automation Cloud Solution will help You to: 

  • Capture invoices electronically 
  • Eliminate 75% of manual processing tasks 
  • Achieve 90% faster approvals   
  • Automatically detect and reject duplicate invoices 
  • Automatically validate supplier and invoice information  
  • Improve DPO 
  • Reduce cost per invoice by 40–60% 
  • Reduce risk of payment fraud 

Award Winning Cloud based AP Automation Solution

Serrala Alevate AP won the following industry awards that acknowledge the innovative processing power the cloud-native solution brings to the market:   

Serrala Alevate AP is an SAP-certified solution that has achieved SAP certification as built on SAP® Cloud Platform. As companies move their enterprise systems to the cloud, Serrala Alevate AP can help make the transition seamless.  

Benefit from greater efficiency and security for the full invoice to pay cycle by combining the solution with Serrala Alevate Payments to enable end-to-end processes. Our AP automation cloud solution can be easily extended with our SAP-integrated FS² solutions as well, to form a hybrid model and achieve centralized, integrated processes across multi-ERP environments. It can also be combined with our Managed Automation offerings, such as Serrala SmartEye Invoice Capture, to enable the same great invoice processing capabilities, managed by the Serrala team of experts. 

Calculate Your AP Automation ROI

Achieve your organization’s specific automation goals and save time and money with our AP automation calculator. See the potential savings that can be achieved by implementing our solution, which efficiently captures, validates, and processes vendor invoices, and start building your AP Automation ROI analysis today!


Benefits with our AP automation cloud solution


Improved Efficiency

Manage increasing invoice volumes with intelligent technology that can automatically process +80% of invoices.

Reduced Manual Processes

Maximize efficiency by quickly detecting duplicate, incorrect or fraudulent invoices and routing them for exception handling.

Faster Invoice Approvals

Approve invoices 90% faster by letting users review, code, and approve invoices anytime, anywhere using mobile devices.

Greater Accuracy

Prevent unnecessary work with highly accurate digital invoice capture and automated detection and rejection of duplicate or incorrect invoices.

Global Standardization

Benefit from standardized invoice processing across systems and locations using best practices that meet global and local AP invoicing and accounting requirements.

Real-time Visibility

Measure efficiency, view available discounts and control the flow of outbound payments with real-time information on invoices.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


Intelligent Automation

Automated invoice processing instantly validates and posts invoices or routes them for approval or exception handling.

Web and Mobile Approval

Approve invoices and handle exceptions quickly with web and mobile access.

Digital Invoice Capture

Capture invoices with a zero hardware solution that ensures the highest possible accuracy.

Configurable Business Rules

Increase process efficiency with highly configurable data validation and invoice processing rules.

Centralized InfoCenter

A single view of all invoices helps identify bottlenecks and re-assign work based on availability, expertise, or priority.

Secure, Compliant Storage

Store invoices and other documents in the cloud to optimize access, compliance and audit responses.



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