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Your Best Choice Cash Application Software for Intelligent AR Automation

Cash Application for SAP 


Smart Cash Application in SAP with FS² AutoBank Software

Achieve unprecedented customer payment matching and reconciliation rates and highest levels of automation, peaking at 99% – with FS² AutoBank, the most comprehensive cash application software for SAP. Driven by AI matching functionality, FS² AutoBank optimizes your accounts receivables (AR) management by offering a compelling end-to-end experience, automating every step of your cash application process within SAP.

Drive Cash Application Success with Intelligent Automation and Tight Integration into SAP

FS² AutoBank automates your incoming payment processing and accounts receivables management, reduces costs, and minimizes DSO-related risks. The solution decreases manual efforts, eliminates human errors, and enables faster cash allocation in real-time by automatically processing payment data from bank statements, remittance advices, PSP settlement and lockbox files.
Worried about outliers that may not comply with your pre-defined matching rules? Not a problem – FS² AutoBank applies intelligent self-learning logic to items that are not automatically processed, speeding up any manual inputs that may be needed. Business unit managers are empowered to own and flexibly adjust posting rules and filters ad needed, eliminating the reliance on IT or external vendors, thereby preventing delays in the core reconciliation process.

Highest Possible Automation Rates with Intelligent AR Automation

Our cash application software for SAP solution achieves automation rates of up to 99%, reduces unallocated cash by 90+ % and provides up to 100% transparency by monitoring important KPIs. Self-learning matching capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), seamless integration into SAP, and intelligent automation ensure streamlined and future-proof cash application processes.

Best-in-Class Cash Application software for SAP – Trusted by AR Teams Worldwide 

Our cash application automation software combines a high level of automation with intelligent functionalities and is fully integrated into your current SAP environment – S/4HANA or previous systems. Serrala is the single most experienced vendor for cash application automation in SAP, offering the strongest functionality for any global scenario, while at the same time successfully solving regional challenges in any industry. More than 500 successful implementations with high customer retention rates underline the customer satisfaction towards our cash application for SAP solution, over the course of more than 35 years of experience.

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Why you should choose our Cash Application software for SAP


Real-Time Cash Allocation

Reduce unallocated cash and update customer accounts first thing in the morning

Process Automation

Reduce manual activities and free up time for exception handling


Monitor important KPIs and gain full transparency of the entire process

Seamless Integration

Straight-through-processing enables error-free matching rates by leveraging all ERP data and eliminating the need for any interfaces or duplicated data sources

S/4HANA & Fiori-Ready

Ready when you are – FS² AutoBank is SAP and Virtual Forge certified and can simply migrate with you to S/4HANA without any additional adjustments

Business User Ownership

FS² AutoBank enables the business team to manage their own posting rules therefore reducing IT dependency.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


AI & ML Technology

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, human created rules and technology work together for best possible matching results

Covers All Incoming Formats

Intelligently automated process for data input, classification and recognition, extraction, posting, and exception handling

Compliance and Workflow Features

Integrated workflows for clarification, posting, rule creation, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering

Cash Application Automation

Automates the entire cash application process globally – from data entry, format processing, and payment matching all the way to reconciliation and reporting.

Real-Time Analytics for Full Transparency

More than 400 pre-build reporting KPIs available, including automatic matching rates, DSO, customer payment behavior and many more

User Experience

Intuitive and easy to use solution with a responsive FIORI interface and an end-to-end cash application process in one screen


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