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Data and Document Management

Manage the lifecycle of data and documents used by your business, from initial creation to eventual purge and data archiving. Capture information, archive and store it securely with our data  archiving solutions. Comply with retention and privacy rules and regulations. Facilitate collaboration with fast, easy access to information when and where users need it. Learn more about our document and data archiving solutions.

Manage Your Data and Document Lifecycle

Best Document Management & Data Archiving Solutions

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Eliminate Complexity

Replace complex legacy systems with a fast, reliable solution embedded in SAP to significantly reduce costs and simplify operations

Optimized Information Management and Data Archiving Solutions

Streamlined solutions capture and store documents to control SAP system size and data growth and facilitate access to information

Comply with Retention Rules

Retain the information in your productive SAP systems and archive repositories according to privacy rules and other regulations

Automate Repetitive Data Management Tasks

Automate repetitive data management tasks to ensure they are done regularly and in accordance with your retention policies every time

Efficiently Manage and Archive Your Data and Documents

SAP Certified Archive

Flexibly store information from SAP systems in cost-effective cloud or on-premise repositories; a foundation for best-practice data and document management



Information Best-Practices

Our SAP Certified solutions support best practice information management and automate data archiving tasks in compliance with policies and regulations



Data Archiving Experts

Our data and document management experts can implement a tailored retention strategy to maximize security, compliance and value for your business


Simplified Information Management

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Efficient Content Repository

Flexibly and cost effectively store archived information securely in modern repositories
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Extended Content Management

Collaborate & access information when and where you need it with SharePoint integration
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Automated Data Archiving

Consistently archive data to optimize performance and control the size and cost of SAP systems
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Specialized Use Cases

Support corporate transformations with accelerated data carve out and legacy decommissioning
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Secure, Compliant Retention

Comply with regulations for data and document retention including discovery and legal holds

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