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Intelligent Cash Management Software and Liquidity Planning Solutions 

Cash and Liquidity for SAP 


FS² CashLiquidity - One Centralized Platform for Full Cash Visibility

Achieving 100% cash visibility is no longer a dream

It is important to have intelligent cash management software and a liquidity planning solution in place. Doing so creates a clear picture of current and future cash balances and flows and permits effective management of cash and risk exposures
Many organizations still draw their balances from bank statements, and request company subsidiaries for monthly, quarterly or annual figures, before consolidating data manually in spreadsheets. This is time-consuming and cannot create the in depth, accurate and timely insights required for efficient cash forecasting and liquidity planning. Both are vital in ensuring company solvency on an ongoing basis. 

Looking for a cash management software and liquidity planning solution to achieve a real-time view of your cash?

Serrala’s FS² CashLiquidity solution provides faster, deeper insights into your company’s actual cash position along with current and future cash flows. CFOs, treasurers and financial leaders require a highly automated process, operational speed and a broader range of data that will inform their decision-making. FS² CashLiquidity is a leading cash management software and liquidity planning solution available on today’s market, and integrates fully and seamlessly into SAP ERP, delivering a centralized view of all data to the CFO. Our solution includes modern dashboards and Fiori apps that make data fully transparent and available on the go, and therefore allows for rapid decision making.  It can also be fully integrated with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.

We integrate a much broader range of data into your cash visibility overview which includes operational data from inbound and outbound payments and other sources. You and your management teams are thus make better enabled to make informed decisions and reduce potential risk for your company with superior, robust, real-time, user driven reports and analytics. Hundreds of satisfied customers have successfully created central cash positioning and cash flow forecasting processes with FS² CashLiquidity, our powerful cash management software and liquidity planning solution. 

Unify and standardize procedures across multiple, fragmented enterprise systems

Embedded fully within SAP ERP, our solution creates a highly streamlined, precise and fully automated cash flow calculator. Many customers have achieved over 90% greater accuracy rates in the automatic assignment of statements or posting details across thousands of daily transactions with minimal effort.

Bridging the gap to payments

Combine our cash management and forecasting solutions with Serrala’s Payments as a Service offering that connects via trusted channels such as SWIFT, EBICS H2H and API. Receive bank statements, meet new payment protocols or send payment transactions to banks, partners or customers across the world.
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Why you should choose our cash management software and liquidity planning solution


Automated cash and liquidity management

With automated cash and liquidity management you can achieve intelligent cash forecasting by achieving more transparency, efficiency and reliability of underlying data.

Efficiency and transparency

Gain transparency into your daily cash, liquidity planning and treasury activities while reducing manual, time-consuming efforts and reliance on outdated technology and laborious ERP data management.

Flexible configuration of planning structures / categories

Enables more granular cash flow-based planning

Process automation

Achieve 90 % or higher accuracy levels in the automatic assignment of categories from statements or posting information

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


Real-time cash visibility

Centralized and consolidated cash, liquidity and treasury management on one centralized platform.

Group-wide daily overview

Group-wide daily overview of bank accounts, balances, and cash flows with automated processes for data retrieval from various sources (i.e., bank statements, PSP settlement files, treasury cash flows, in-house banks, subsidiaries and finance operational data (e.g., AR/AP) derived from enterprise systems).

Consolidation of all cash flows

Consolidation of all cash flows from different sources and efficient management of in- and outbound payment transactions within a single source that requires just one log-in.

From local to global information

View any bank account of any subsidiary no matter where. Transform bank information from any format to visualize it in our solution, regardless of currency or geographical location.


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