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Corestone SAP Data Archiving


Automated Solutions to Archive, Retain and Retrieve Data and Documents in SAP Systems

Serrala provides data volume management and archiving solutions for all SAP systems — ECC, BW, CRM, SRM and more as well as strategies for archiving data before moving to SAP HANA® and SAP S/4HANA® systems. Our archiving solution is an essential component of any information lifecycle management strategy, ensuring data is secure and is retained according to data privacy and other regulations.

While SAP provides a standard framework for archiving functionality, Serrala delivers best practices and proven solutions that can stabilize data growth, help manage policies for data residency and retention based on business needs, and reduce costs. Serrala's data management experts help companies leverage these solutions to meet their goals for a lean,flexible, efficient infrastructure to achieve significant savings, performance improvements and lay the foundation for leveraging SAP HANA™ — the vehicle for truly maximizing the potential benefits of big data now or in the future.


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