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The powerful Treasury Management Software within SAP

Treasury for SAP


FS² Treasury – Manage a wide range of financial instruments 100 % integrated in SAP

FS² Treasury is a commanding robust treasury management software that puts your treasury teams in control with powerful business intelligence tools. This includes visible, real-time information from your SAP environment to enable your organization to make perceptive, intelligent and informed business decisions that enable you to stay ahead of the industry curve. 

Integrated treasury management is what you need!

Take advantage of a holistic integration with FS² Treasury that is fully embedded in SAP, which can also allow the incorporation of non-SAP solutions. You can utilize your SAP data, including multiple SAP systems, additional information from various ERP systems and other sources. This seamless incorporation of your data is presented with an expedient drill down functionality and vibrant dashboard graphics.

Choose FS² Treasury to benefit from corporate treasury best practices

Manage daily treasury activities and monitor group wide treasury at all times:

  • Our treasury management software is fully integrated with SAP (S/4HANA and backward compatible)
  • It also incorporates data from other ERP systems.
  • FS² Treasury enables secure and flexible workflow between front, middle and back office.
  • It permits  the treasurer to manage a wide range of financial instruments including money markets, foreign exchange, loans, interest derivatives, guarantees, securities and credit lines. 
  • Last but not least our treasury management software is an easy to implement and simple to use solution, following the SAP structure (quick project cycles).

Efficiency: Save time through automation 

Our treasury management software FS² Treasury offers seamless integration of trading portals such as 360T. You will benefit from efficient processes that are largely automated to save time and this enables you to take on increasing workloads with the same resources, for example, automated data assignment, integration of data from different sources, cash pooling, aggregation of plan data, cash flow-based rolling planning etc.

We enable you to go beyond traditional treasury boundaries and achieve a truly global overview of your cash situation.

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Benefits of Our Treasury Management Software

Why you should choose our treasury management software


Integrated treasury management

Improve your financial risk management through the integration of your processes and prepare for any disruptions as you aim to manage risk and improve your treasury efficiencies.

Manage financial instruments

Benefit from a unique bundle of easy-to-use financial instruments to manage, examine and maintain daily activities such as money market, foreign exchange, interest derivatives, loans, guarantees and securities.

High degree of automation

Saves time and money while reducing the likelihood of manual errors and fraud.
Replaces manually and/or Excel-based processes.
Optimizes daily processes and relieves staff of mundane routine work allowing them to focus on business.

Centralized in-house banking

Build a centralized in-house banking system for Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) to help reduce the number of external banks and accounts which helps save costs.

100% integrated in SAP

Posting of deals (cash flows and valuations) directly in SAP FI, market data in SAP.
Integration of operative and financial cash flows in exposure. Fiori readiness and various preconfigured apps.

Suitable for the entire enterprise, including non-SAP entities

Our solution is scalable to multiple SAP- and/or non-SAP systems.
Centralized master data administration for SAP and non-SAP entities.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Key Features for Your Treasury Management

Complete netting cycles for automatic clearing

Utilize complete netting cycles allowing automatic clearing, management of numerous currencies and integrate online trading platforms to gain a complete picture and support straight-through processing (STP), from trade initiation to accounting and hedging a trade against risk.

Business intelligence

FS² Analytics offers a wide range of analytical capabilities along all processes automated by FS² solutions.
Capable of individualized analyses,
FS² Analytics can be operated across different platforms.

Standard interfaces

Our treasury management software delivers standard interfaces to 360T for the direct importing of deal information.

Global visibility into cash positions

into current and future cash flows by benefitting of the latest technologies and integration approaches.

Transparent real time information directly from SAP

Management of exposures originating from operations, planning and treasury.
Transparency and full control over financial transactions from capture to representation in a financial statement.

Compliance with international rules and guidelines

System based support of audit and compliance.
Employs SAP audit and security measures; EMIR; GDPR-locking.


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