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Cash Application

Improve AR Automation and eliminate manual effort for real-time cash allocation. We provide a compelling cash application experience, ranging from data capture, format processing and invoice reconciliation all the way to reporting. Achieve high AR automation and payment matching powered by artificial intelligence

Never Waste Time on Manual Work Again

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AR Automation That Is Skyrocketing

Achieve global cash application automation rates across industries of up to 99%

Eliminate Unapplied Cash

Apply all cash with automated, same day matching powered by AI and efficient exception handling

Lower DSO, Higher Efficiency

Reduce DSO by up to 10 days and lower manual and repetitive tasks by 85% on average

Streamline Format Processing

Aggregate up to 100% of remittance advice data and eliminate all lockbox fees

Deployment Fitting Your AR Automation

Choose from cash application in SAP, cloud, or hybrid cloud approaches, all combined with a holistic SaaS offering



You Control Your Solution

Set up your own posting rules with pre-built templates supported by artificial intelligence to maximize possible payment reconciliation



35+ Years of Experience

We are the most experienced vendor in cash application, resulting in highly standardized, market-approved solutions with out-of-the-box functionality


Chose Best-in-Class Cash Application

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AI Powered Payment Matching

AI from day one: reconcile payments without manually created or previously trained ML rules
all payments covered

All Payment Formats Covered

Handle bank statements, remittance advices, lockbox, and Payment Service Provider settlements
real time data analytics

Real-time Data & Analytics

400+ pre-built reporting KPIs: Automatic matching rates, DSO, payment behavior, and many more
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Compliance and Security

Automated clarification, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering screening, and GDPR reporting
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Compelling User Experience

Easy to use solution empowering business users with connectivity to banks and customer portals

Customer Success


The multinational company Hitachi achieved best-in-class cash application processes by ambitiously aiming for intelligent automation on a global scale

Automated cash allocation


The precision technology company with worldwide exposure has significantly saved time and costs. Cash application runs much faster than before, with an estimated reduction in processing time by at least 50%

From 45% to 85%
Matching rate improvement

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