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Unite with Serrala FS² Autobank

Success Story

Founded in 2000 in Germany, Unite is a PAN European web platform that connects suppliers with customers, facilitating seamless transactions and collaboration. It fosters sustainable business relationships, enabling businesses to build a better future in their supply chain.

Business Need

  • High manual effort: Despite a good automation rate, Unite's 5-person team faced substantial manual workloads, copying bank statement items into Excel and sending them via mail. 
  • Limited reporting capabilities: Unite relied on Excel-based calculations due to the lack of useful reports in SAP, hindering comprehensive insights into automation rates. 
  • Complex payment advice processing: Unite used a third-party tool with document numbers instead of real invoice numbers, requiring labor-intensive manual assignments to the company code.


AutoBank provides seamless integration with Unite's existing SAP environment, ensuring system compatibility and ease of implementation.


“Automation rates are at an average of 96%” 

  • Enhanced reporting: AutoBank's robust reporting capabilities offered Unite valuable insights into its international operations, enabling proactive improvements through customer engagement and automation enhancements. 
  • Automatic matching with SmartEye: Unite leveraged SmartEye integration to achieve accurate and efficient payment and invoice matching, reducing errors and manual intervention.
  • User-friendly rule creation and maintenance: AutoBank empowered Unite's team to create and manage rules without the need for IT support, ensuring agility and adaptability.
  • Permanent added value with conversion tables: AutoBank's conversion tables significantly aided Unite in areas such as insurance and car taxes, providing long-term benefits with minimal effort.
  • Streamlined process with Account Statement Manager (ASM): In 14 countries Unite found great satisfaction in AutoBank's ASM tool, which helps automate & simplify the import of bank statements.


“FS2 AutoBank is an important factor for scaling and growth.”

- Thomas Ziesche, Accounting Manager, Unite

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