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Innovative Credit Risk Management Software for SAP

Credit Management


Optimized Credit Risk Management for SAP

Instant Visibility and Proactive Credit Risk Mitigation with FS² Credit  

Are your credit clerks still spending most of their time data sourcing instead of analyzing relevant credit data in real-time? Then it is time to consider how you can get more out of your FTEs through automation. The below will guide you through a few easy steps to identify if your credit landscape is due an upgrade.  

Credit Risk Management Software for Effective Credit Control

Proactive credit risk management is a must to support a healthy business strategy. Our credit risk management software FS2 Credit delivers critical features and functionalities within your SAP landscape to provide real-time and centralized insights, allowing for swift decisioning throughout the credit risk management life cycle. 

Automating credit risk management processes with FS² Credit result in fast, accurate and standardized outcomes in accordance with your credit policy, with specific focus on end-to-end due-diligence requirements, risk classifications and credit approval-flows.  

Automating Credit and Risk Management in SAP  

Whilst optimizing and integrating credit risk management processes remains challenging for many organizations, FS² Credit ensures that the focus shifts from manual and fragmented processes to harmonized and standardized processes, resulting in an effective and value-add approach simplifying and optimizing credit risk mitigation efforts and identifying commercial opportunities.

To ensure secure and centralized customer onboarding, determine and prevent credit risk and effectively manage credit held deliveries, relevant, up-to-date, and real-time information is a must. Yet, data is often sourced manually and outdated by the time it is analyzed, reducing transparency and effective due-diligence efforts. So, why not operate in real-time with automated information so credit clerks can solely focus on value-add activities that will support your business.

FS² Credit and SAP – a Fully Harmonized and Integrated Software for Best Results 

Serrala’s credit risk management software is an SAP embedded solution, compatible with and certified for both SAP ECC6 and S/4HANA. Operating in real time, it not only provides credit risk management functionalities that will speed-up the end-to-end processes in accordance with your credit policy, FS² Credit creates an environment where all stakeholders benefit from transparency and visibility. Pro-active credit mitigation and focus on value-add activities result in improved collaboration and customer satisfaction levels.     

How does our credit risk management software achieve such automation and optimization excellence?  

  • Reading existing SAP data-tables for real-time processing 
  • AI driven credit scorecard that gives you real-time insights on customers risk clasifications 
  • Automated credit limit recommendations made by FS² Credit based on customers performance 
  • Fully embedded credit limit applications  
  • A digitized dashboard providing KPIs on the customer account level 
  • Automated blocked order / delivery’released based on approval confirmation 
  • Innovative web-approvals for credit limit applications and order releases 
  • Integrated financial analysis providing you with all relevant customer KPI’s 

The FS² Credit scorecard transforms manual, time consuming data sourcing and error-prone data processing to automatically assessing risk using artificial intelligence (AI). The scorecard is comprehensive yet flexible in its use and includes all key information such as master-data, payment behavior, credit securities and 3rd party credit rating information. 

Time gained through automation ensures accelerated and value-add productivity, compliance, and early identification of potential risk factors.  

Our credit risk management software can be extended with FS² Compliance, which automatically checks data against sanction, PEP, and embargo lists, ensuring you are not conducting business with uncompliant third parties.  

By combining FS² Credit with other SAP-integrated solutions such as FS² AutoBank and FS² Collections, you can achieve an end-to-end invoice-to-cash solution (aka order-to-cash), for greater efficiency and transparency throughout your entire inbound payment processes. 

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Benefits for Your Credit Risk Management

Why you should choose our SAP-embedded Credit Risk Management Software


Process Automation & AI

Create a proactive risk-management life cycle driven by process automation and AI features, centrally managed in an auditable solution
icon standardization

Standardized approach

Using standardized processes creates a harmonized and optimized due-diligence and risk-management environment, bringing transparency to all stakeholders
Flexible workflows

Flexible workflows

Set up flexible workflows to meet your day-to-day credit management requirements. FS2 Credit is a business managed solution, reducing IT dependencies

Data Integration

Operating on real-time and value-add principles directly from within your SAP ERP, FS2 Credit means no need for additional software and working on SSO principle bringing you all efficiencies in one place

End-to-End Transparency

Centralized data capturing and output is key in ensuring visibility, driving swift and accurate decisioning and creating a compliant operational environment

S/4Hana & Fiori readiness

Ready when you are – FS² Credit is SAP and Virtual Forge certified and can simply migrate with you to S/4HANA without any additional adjustments

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Advanced Credit Risk Management with FS² Credit

Realtime KPIs

The FS2 Credit dashboard provides useful insights and KPIs on the customer’s real-time performance in an easy to navigate digitized dashboard.

Effective Risk Analysis

Add instant value using FS2 credit risk scoring, automatically defining risk-classifications based on current information, optimizing your due- diligence and credit risk management lifecycle.

Financial Analysis

Fully integrated financial analysis providing year on year KPI trends, adding valuable contribution to your due-diligence process in an automated way.

Automated work and approval-flows

Avoid delays and lack of visibility in your daily approval flows. Automatic assignment of each approval step ensures visibility, accountability through track-records on customer account.

Credit Agency Gateways

Utilize 3rd party credit rating information directly from within your SAP environment, contributing to the overall credit risk assessments in an automated way.

Digitized Reporting

Benefit from KPIs that support swift and smart decisioning and cater for strategic insights, supporting growth whilst minimizing risk.


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