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Collections and Disputes

Reduce DSO and improve working capital with the most comprehensive solution for collections, deductions, and disputes. Best-practice strategies, AI collections scoring, intelligent process automation, and a compelling user experience empower you centralize and standardize processes and improve customer engagement

Digitize Your Collections Management

Effective Collections Management with Automation

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Drive Collections Efficiency with Automation

Achieve automation rates of 85+ % and increase debt collections efficiency by 50+ % while reducing time-consuming manual tasks

Reduce DSO and Increase Liquidity

Lower DSO and increase cash through effective collections and quicker resolution of dispute and deduction cases

Speed Up Deduction Coding Time

Reduce deduction coding time by 60% through automatic capture and processing of customer data from various sources and formats

Minimize Your Dispute Case Volume

Faster data capture, central visibility, and more efficient processing and collaboration reduces dispute case volume by up to 20%

Automate Your Collections Management and Dispute Processes

Automation from End to End

Rely on the most comprehensive automated collections offering with established best practice collection strategies and dispute resolution measures



Intelligent integration

Trust in 20+ years of experience in AR automation. Our history of expertise and innovation powers our tried-and-tested consulting best practices



Speed up process times

Deploy a collections and disputes solution in days not months with our market-approved plug-and-play approach and strong global and regional support


Empower Your Collections Management with Technology

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AI Collections Scoring

Decide where to focus and which measures to apply with AI-powered collections scoring
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Digital Collections File

Pool all relevant data in one place and gain the visibility you need for smarter decisions
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Optimize Dispute Resolution

Automate the creation of dispute cases and deduction coding for fast processing and resolution
intelligent data capture

Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically capture data from debit notes and disputes receipts to speed up case resolution
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Transparency on every level

Aggregate and analyze data according to meaningful dimensions for insightful reporting

Customer Success

Meet our Experts

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Vice President Invoice-to-Cash

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Vice President Sales DACH

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Principal Solution Architect

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Solution Evangelist Invoice-to-Cash


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