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Manage and automate payments efficiently within SAP

Payments for SAP

FS² Payments: Centralized processes for all your outbound payments

Centrally manage and automate payments 100% embedded in SAP

Are you seeking central transparency over your company-wide financial transactions? Or have you had experienced attempted fraud on your system? These are two key concerns corporates face nowadays. It is time to replace decentralization and multiple banking portals with a solution centralizing your processes and increasing transparency as well as security. 

Straight through processing: Automate payments in SAP

Our SAP-integrated solution FS² Payments provides centralization while unifying and automating your global payments either with an on-premises or hybrid approach that includes cloud technology. The solution is 100% SAP embedded and provides straight through processing of payments, centralized monitoring and the highest security standards across the whole SAP landscape.

All payments are visible within dashboards delivering increased transparency and the control you need to compete in an agile environment.

Ensure payment security and compliance 

CFO fraud, phishing, cybercrime – the threats of payment fraud are on the rise. To support you in achieving maximum security for your payments, FS² Payments comes with several intelligent features. Sophisticated yet simple approval workflows are based on intelligent and lean process chains. They can be flexibly defined and securely controlled according to your unique requirements. Security features like multiple eyes principles are a standard of FS² Payments. The solution offers flexible approval options including electronic signatures, corporate seal and approvals via smartphone, enabling payment approvals from anywhere at any time. All payment files generated are centrally administered and stored within SAP. You will manage and automate payments processes 100% embedded in SAP.

They are also fully documented by a digital audit log. Sensitive financial data such as HR payments can be fully encrypted and secured with FS² Payments. The unique Fraud Monitor feature of FS² Payments allows you to automatically check all payments for suspicious and potentially fraudulent activities based on definable criteria and scorecards. If suspicious payments are detected, you immediately receive a warning allowing you to stop the payment file or individual payments while undertaking further analysis. This is vital for reducing the risk of financial loss through fraud.
Easily ensure compliance with international regulations and achieve greater security. Our SAP-embedded solution always ensures your/customers/corporates specific compliance and legal regulatory. Features for additional embargo and sanction list screening of suppliers are available with the FS² Compliance module.

Seamless integration in SAP

Make use of your SAP master data and boost your transaction effectivity. There is no need to maintain more than one database or to connect to other SAP systems and modules – all data generated in SAP stays within your secured SAP environment. The solution is ERP-agnostic, and its integration is seamless. Import, manage and send payment files or gather account information from banks to take on informed decisions based on cash flow information. 

Certified integration with SAP S/4HANA and backwards compatible with SAP ECC

FS² Payments is certified by SAP for its integration with modern SAP S/4HANA technology, and also works with previous systems like SAP ECC. Users can choose between different graphical user interfaces (GUIs), including the sleek modern SAP Fiori interface. Fiori apps display important KPIs and enable you to trigger processes from your central, individualized dashboard. The apps can be used with either SAP ECC6 or SAP S/4HANA, so you can benefit from this functionality regardless of your underlying SAP system.

Automate Payments with a Modern, User-friendly integrated Technology

FS² Payments is the ideal solution for companies seeking a secure solution. You will centralize and automate payments processes to create value for reinvesting in core competencies. To manage all file formatting complexities or simply to maintain your existing bank connections enhance FS² Payments easily with Payments as a Service. Moreover, FS² Payments can be flexibly combined with other Serrala modules and services.

Build a fully integrated end-to-end process for your entire procure-to-pay cycle and expand your payments capabilities by adding FS² Compliance, B2B Vendor Portal and FS² AccountsPayable to your solution. For even greater flexibility, use our Alevate cloud solutions to connect your SAP and other ERP systems seamlessly, or benefit from our managed services for maximum agility.

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Why you should automate payments with FS² Payments 


Transparency and control

of all cash flows in one central platform through the integration of SAP, non-SAPs, TMS and payroll.

Process efficiency

through the standardization of fragmented processes and automation.
business driven

Business driven

The solution enables key users to adapt with little or no IT support.
SAP embedded

100% SAP embedded

and certified for SAP S4/HANA ensuring a smooth transition. Your data stays in your hands!


from straightforward payment management up to a global payment hub – the solution grows with individual needs.


Replacing a multiple banking portal with one solution and centralizing all outbound payment transactions.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


Payment processing

Payment file creation within SAP and integration of payment data from all other systems.


Leverage and extend SAP capabilities with additional payment capabilities and intuitive FIORI apps.

Approval workflows

Configure the approval matrix that is in line with your payment security and manage authorizations centrally.

Fraud prevention

Fraud screening in every outbound payment file as well as payment violation alerts.


Achieve real-time monitoring of the entire payment life cycle including payment status.

Reporting and Analytics

BI analytics providing instant data and around 100 readily available KPI reports.


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