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Cash Application Cloud – Driving Speed and Success in Accounts Receivable Automation

Cash Application Cloud Services

Powerful Cash Application Cloud based SaaS offering, giving you the best of both worlds

Alevate for FS²– Seamless integration meets unparalleled ease in accessing Cloud services directly within SAP 

Uniting 30+ years of experience in cash application business process design with the latest cloud computing technology, FS² AutoBank is a hybrid solution that has a SAP embedded core, certified by SAP for ECC and S/4HANA, in combination with our SaaS offering, Alevate for FS², giving you the best of both worlds for your cash application process.

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Cash application in the Cloud  – SAP embedded hybrid cloud technology 

Elevate your SAP embedded cash application experience to new heights with Serrala's unrivaled Cloud services integration - your gateway to enhanced efficiency and success. Embrace increased flexibility and scalability through our diverse range of Software-as-a-Service offerings, empowering you with the tools to adapt and thrive in a dynamic marketplace.  

Reduce the impact on infrastructure for additional Cash Application Cloud service offerings: 

•    Fast implementation times
•    No separate servers databases are required
•    Keep IT impact low
•    Leave maintenance and updates to Serrala

Future-proof combination: Speed up cash application with our agile and highly flexible AR cloud solution

Serrala offers core SAP-embedded applications, combining SAP integration with highly scalable SaaS offerings. The FS² Core solution is SAP certified, and S/4HANA optimized, providing unparalleled integration and cutting-edge SAP embedded functionality. With Serrala's solutions, you can leverage your SAP environment to the fullest, ensuring peace of mind and a real-time, single source of truth. Additionally, Alevate for FS² provides a variety of value-adding Cash application Cloud modules alongside the core SAP-embedded application.

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Benefits from our Cash Application Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud technology embedded in SAP


Low IT dependency

Directly available, minimal set up, very limited dependency on internal IT services
Intelligent Integration - brain

Peace of mind

Serrala takes care of formatting and technical connectivity
Accelerated cash app process

Automatic updates

Automatic updates to keep you on the most current version
Compelling user experience

Easy service provider change

Makes it easier to switch between service providers, such as credit agencies, banks, PSPs, collections agencies
Facilitating digital transformation

Cloud services in SAP

Easy access to Cloud services directly within SAP
High security

Flexible & scalable

Increased flexibility and scalability

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Elevate Your Accounts Receivable Management

Predictive finance

Predict and analyze performance, workloads and cashflows to optimize your finance processes.

SmartEye as a Service

Powerful, intelligent and managed capturing solution for remittance advices


Out of the box connectivity to Payment Service Providers. Automatic retrieval and conversion of settlement files. Out of the box connectivity to banks and customer portals. Automatic retrieval of bank statements and remittance advices.

Working Capital light

Quick access to the most important metrics to use when measuring the health of O2C


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