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Invoice Processing with automated invoice capture software

Invoice Capture in the Cloud


SmartEye Invoice Capture is Your Best-Choice Invoice Capture Software for Accounts Payable

Benefit from Automated Invoice Capture in the Cloud 

Invoice data capture is an essential part of AP automation. Today, vendor invoices are captured manually or using inefficient scan and extraction solutions that digitize the invoice information so it can be entered into an ERP system for further processing. However, this time consuming and error prone process relies on outdated capture methods and does not take advantage of the latest advances in digital document formats or intelligent automation and machine learning

SmartEye Invoice Capture is your best-in-class invoice capture software that eliminates the labor-intensive task of capturing vendor invoices. Our software intelligently captures all invoice formats (Paper, Email, PDF, EDI, XML, and more) in the cloud. The invoice information is extracted – and transferred to your ERP system touchlessly. SmartEye Invoice Capture software can be used with either our SAP-embedded FS² AccountsPayable solution or our cloud-native Serrala Alevate AP solution. 

This cloud-based invoice capture software enables you to: 

  • Centralize the capture of vendor invoices, in all languages and currencies, across all business units, locales, and ERP systems 
  • Accelerate invoice capture with a highly accurate, self-learning solution 
  • Scale to process extremely large volumes of invoices or onboard new businesses  
  • Lower IT cost and complexity, with a digital solution that reduces your need for physical scanners or multi-functional devices  
  • Streamline your business processes and ease your to transition to the Cloud 

SmartEye Invoice Capture Software – Digitize Documents & Streamline Business Processes   

SmartEye Invoice Capture directly drives your efficiency up and costs down with automated invoice data capture and highly accurate data extraction in the cloud. Instead of sending paper invoices, vendors can easily send invoices in digital format (PDF, XML, DOC, XLS, EDI, etc.) either to a central email inbox or using other file exchange methods (scans, file servers, web service calls, FTP, third-party applications or APIs) ​ which are monitored 24x7 by SmartEye Invoice Capture. Information is quickly extracted from the invoices based on the unique combination of vendor and invoice type. The quality of the captured information is improved over time, as SmartEye Invoice Capture learns from the data that is posted data in your ERP system and enhances its understanding of the data in the incoming invoices.  

As a self-learning, automated invoice capture software, SmartEye Invoice Capture not only reduces the time and effort required to manually scan and enter invoices it also reduces the time it takes to train traditional capture solutions. It helps organizations move away from locally hosted scanners or multi-functional devices towards a centralized and standardized global invoice capture process. The highly accurate invoice capture software can automatically process digital invoices in any format, including international eInvoicing formats, or from any vendor. It ensures your organization has the information it needs as quickly as possible so you can accelerate invoice processing and achieve an early and comprehensive view of your global liabilities and cash flows

Choosing to use SmartEye Invoice Capture for your automated invoice capture removes technical and functional complexity from the capture process. You do not have to set up a myriad of interfaces to upload and download information to the cloud. It scales easily to process extremely large volumes of invoices. It is also much simpler to centralize invoice capture activities across your global business units and vendors. Wherever your business or vendors are located, the information from incoming invoices is automatically captured, interpreted, converted and enriched in the cloud before it is forwarded to your relevant ERP systems. 

Our SmartEye Invoice Capture is an invoice data capture software that enables you to take full advantage of the cloud: no complex and costly on-premise hardware, no time-consuming training of capture software, faster time to market, and highly scalable to meet rapidly changing business needs. 

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Calculate Your AP Automation ROI

Achieve your organization’s specific automation goals and save time and money with our AP automation calculator. See the potential savings that can be achieved by implementing our solution, which efficiently captures, validates, and processes vendor invoices, and start building your AP Automation ROI analysis today! 


Why you should choose SmartEye Invoice Capture Software


Save time and costs

No complex and costly on-premise hardware or software required.

Flexible and scalable

Quickly onboard new business units and vendors and handle large invoices volume.

Centralized invoice capture

One capture solution for all invoices regardless of format, source or vendors.

Real-time visibility

Cloud solution provides real-time visibility into global invoices and pending payments.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.

Key Features

Accurate information extraction

Automatically capture, interpret, convert and enrich invoice information in the cloud before forwarding it to your ERP systems.

Automated invoice capture

Capture and process invoices, automatically with a cloud-solution that operates on a 24x7 basis.

Highly Scalable

Scale the service to handle increasing invoice volumes and your growing business needs.

Payables as a Service

Always up to date solution is secure and provides flexible hosting locations for invoice information.


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