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Payables as a Service

Product Sheet

Flip the switch for easier vendor payments

Payables as a Service is a unique way to eliminate the labor-intensive task of capturing invoices for further processing. This managed automation offering, captures invoices in the cloud using Serrala SmartEye technology. It drives your Accounts Payable efficiency up and costs down by automatically capturing invoices in the cloud to enable faster and more accurate automated AP invoice processing in your SAP systems.

With SmartEye technology, invoices are quickly and flexibly captured in the cloud, and machine learning is applied to increase the accuracy of information capture. It drastically reduces the need for cumbersome manual invoice entry, reduces the rate of invoice exceptions, and accelerates invoice processing and payment.

Features & Benefits

  • No complex and costly on-premise installation of scanning or OCR hardware or software
  • Flexible integration of data from suppliers
  • One solution for all invoices
  • Fast and accurate capturing of invoices
  • Automatic entry of invoice data within SAP
  • Real time integration in SAP
  • Service provider with a global footprint and strong local expertise
  • Clear Service Level Agreement
  • Scale the service to your unique business requirements
  • Transparent pricing

By implementing an AP automation solution, businesses can achieve greater control and transparency over their accounts payable processes and optimize their cash management strategies to drive greater financial performance.