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Financial Close Software for Automating Manual Journal Entries 

Journal Entry for SAP


FS² JournalEntry Enables Faster Financial Close in SAP Systems

Explore the Advantages of our Automation Software for Faster Financial Close  

Eliminate time-consuming period-end tasks and increase visibility and control over your financial close process in SAP systems with Serrala FS² JournalEntry. Our financial close software supports the automated creation, validation, review, and approval of manual journal entries in SAP, so you can close your books quickly, with complete confidence. 

Journal entry automation is the next frontier in finance process improvement and is the best way for accounting organizations to seize control of the monthly close. Our financial close software, FS² JournalEntry, lets you spend less time managing your standard, recurring or intercompany journal entries and helps you ensure full visibility over these entries from creation to posting. 

Accelerate Your Monthly Close with Automation 

  • Faster Time to Close
    Reduce the time and effort required to close the books by intelligently automating the creation, review and approval of each manual journal entry. 

  • Greater Visibility 
    Gain 100% early insight into journal entries, including intercompany journal entries, with a fully digitized solution that works seamlessly with your SAP systems.  
  • Improved Compliance &Control 
    Enforce record to report process controls and ensure fiscal compliance is maintained with secure access to financial close information from the office or at home.

Transform Journal Entry Management with our Financial Close Software 

Processing large volumes of manual journal entries can cause errors and delays in your financial statements. Finance teams often have to create the journal entries from massive spreadsheets that are maintained outside of enterprise systems.  Alternately, they must spend precious time entering, reviewing and approving journal entries that are generated outside the primary ERP system. This extremely time-sensitive process is very manual and error prone without financial close software.

Ready to bring your financial close process to the next level?

FS² JournalEntry is an SAP-embedded solution that enables finance departments to improve the speed and accuracy of managing manual journal entries.  

It intelligently automates the process of capturing, coding, approving and posting of manual journal entries, so information is entered quickly and accurately into the system of record, resulting in a faster, more controlled financial close. 

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Calculate Your AP Automation ROI

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Why you should choose our financial close software 


Timely Approvals

Route journal entries for approval and automatically notify users of approval requests to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

Automated Processing

Automatically upload and create journal entries from spreadsheets based on templates. Automatically validate, code and configure journal entries, including those with more than 999 lines.

Greater Transparency

Measure process efficiency in real-time with reports on process cycle time and time to approval. Quickly view all journal entries in one central infocenter.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Enable 24x7 access to journal entry information so users can review, approve and code journal entries at anytime, across all enterprise systems to facilitate a timely close.
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Comprehensive Audit Trail

View the history of each manual journal entry. Prevent tampering with a digital log that ensures entries are approved according to your corporate process controls.

Schedule Recurring Entries

Streamline processing by scheduling recurring journal entries to automatically post before the next closing day.

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Serrala optimizes the Universe of Payments 
for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes.


Achieve a single view of journal entries across the enterprise

Central view of journal entries across all enterprise systems for centralized control and secure access to supporting documentation.

Create SAP journal entries directly from spreadsheets

Upload and automatically create journal entries from a spreadsheet, including those with more than 999 line items.

Support for multiple journal entry types

Standard JE, Simple JE, Foreign Currency postings, Accruals, Recurring Entry creation and changes, Reversals, Cross-company reversals

Spreadsheet templates

Use an unlimited number of templates to drive default behavior including mandatory fields, required documentation, able to autopost, and defined approval hierarchies.

Detailed status tracking

Intelligently route manual journal entries for approval according to configurable hierarchies with detailed status and sub-status tracking.

Improve accuracy

Prevent unnecessary reversals with instant data validation and the ability to select the correct accounting codes directly from SAP.


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