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Order to Cash (O2C) Software

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Published on 04-09-2023
Updated on 11-04-2024

End-to-End Process Automation for Order-to-Cash

Centralize and streamline your inbound payments with Serrala order-to-cash solutions by proactively assessing customer risk, accurately deploying collections and dispute strategies, and highly automating your cash application process.

Efficiently overcome Complex Challenges in Your Order to Cash Cycle

Order to Cash cycles involve higher than desired Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), prolonged by labor-intensive processes, manual activities, and fragmented data filtering from various systems in multiple formats slowing down your performance. This leads to unsatisfying receivables aging due to heterogeneous customer payment behaviors preventing you from quickly applying your cash.

Streamline your O2C process and achieve significant cost savings by enhancing your Days Sales Outstanding and payment matching rates. Embrace advanced technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and intelligent document capturing solution to automate manual tasks and minimize errors. Elevate your digitization efforts with intelligent workflows, ensuring faster and more efficient processing of orders and dispute resolutions, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Safeguard your business against fraud, corruption, and compliance risks by implementing end-to-end process integration, guaranteeing the highest levels of business integrity and security.

Achieve Visibility, Process Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction with our Order to Cash Solutions

By implementing integrated order-to-cash solutions companies can streamline their inbound payment processes by highly automating their cash application efficiently, predicatively assessing customer risk and accurately deploying collection and dispute strategies.

 “Serrala´s order to cash solutions helped us achieve a reliable and efficient credit and collections management system which helps us to decrease customer risks as well as reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) significantly.” Salvatore LoBosco, AF Finance & Controlling, Application Consultant SAP Finance, Merck KGaA

Streamline and Optimize Your Order to Cash Process with Serrala’s O2C Software

There’s never been a better time to invest in intelligent automated Order to Cash processes. Serrala’s winning Order to Cash solutions offer a range of benefits to provide you with an efficient and effective order to cash process.

Credit and Risk Management Solutions 

Serrala’s Credit & Risk Management software is here to help your business minimize risk and maximize revenues. 
Our innovative and flexible credit & risk optimization software shortens the credit lifecycle using accurate, detailed, and real-time information, all processed within your existing SAP ERP. Optimizing and automating existing credit & risk processes ensures swift decisions and transparency that supports and improves the end-to-end Order to Cash lifecycle.

Want to know more about how to onboard customers effectively, optimize the due diligence process and manage business integrity?
Credit & Risk Management solutions

Cash Application Automation

Provides high-speed invoice matching for optimized inbound payments. Reach highest possible levels of automation rates and efficiency gains for matching all payments against open items, intelligently recognizing, and consolidating all common formats from banks and customers while simultaneously integrating all payment information into one process for matching purposes. (Read also our complete guide to cash application)
Cash Application solutions

Collections & Disputes Management

Is your business looking to improve cash-flow contribution and strengthen its working capital ratio? Serrala’s innovative collections software facilitates best-practices for the collections process by offering standardized procedures and flexible collections strategies including handling of exceptional business processes and requirements. Keep track of all collection related activities in real-time and measure collection effectiveness for improved operational results. 
Collections & Disputes solutions

Request to Pay Solutions

Reach customers via any channel for immediate online payments. Our RTP (Request to Pay) solution lowers cost with an instant omnichannel payment strategy. Improve processes across all global locations and departments to provide customers with a seamless online payment experience.
 Request to Pay solutions

Benefits of an Integrated Order to Cash Process

Boost Performance

Lower DSO, Bad-Debt write-offs by decreasing rates of uncollected receivables, unresolved disputes, and unrecovered deductions, whilst improving precision of credit risk determinations and matching rates in your cash application process.

Reduce Costs

Significant cost reductions can be achieved by reducing overall processing time. Automating manual efforts boosts productivity, allowing you to increase focus on value-add activities, creating a faster order to cash lifecycle, improving cash-flow, and increasing customer retention.


A healthy cash-flow position is a must to realize further growth, reduce leverage and built a buffer for future financial challenges. Yet, many companies negatively impact their cash-flow position due to manual and time-consuming account receivables efforts. Turning sales into cash faster through automation and improved collection standards contributes to a healthier cash-flow position.

Working Capital

Your working capital ratio could be better as a direct result of efficient and effective order-to-cash management, improving solvency and liquidity. It will help your business’s financial health and valuation allowing you to adapt faster and quicker in times of market volatility. (Read our blog to optimize your working capital management)

Compliance & Security

Compliance, business integrity and security standards become easier to handle when measured in one place. With Serrala’s on-premises order to cash solutions you will be able to keep full control of your operational compliance and security standards at no additional cost due to our solutions being subject to the SAP core compliance and security regulations.

Improved Employee and Customer Happiness

Nothing beats a happy customer, but it all starts with happy employees. Providing the right tools to work effectively and proactively handle day to day tasks creates satisfaction and increases productivity, resulting in improved engagement between internal stakeholders swift and accurate engagement with external stakeholders.

How Serrala’s Order to Cash Solutions help businesses

Serrala´s order to cash software presents a robust suite of solutions aimed at elevating efficiency, minimizing errors, and attaining operational excellence within your order to cash cycle. Our hybrid solutions combine an SAP embedded core, along with our SaaS offering, Alevate for FS², providing you the best of both worlds. 

By embracing a clean core approach, we foster innovation and facilitate growth, simplifying upgrades and transitions to S/4HANA. With an SAP embedded core, certified by SAP for ECC and S/4HANA, our solutions empower real-time posting and updating, ensuring the durability and future readiness of your core operations.

“After an RFP journey and various demo sessions, it was evident that Serrala could deliver on all our project objectives with their Order to Cash Solution Suite.”  
Amy Valiant, Global Process Owner, Zoetis 

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Are Serrala’s Order to Cash solution ready for S/4HANA when a migration to S/4HANA is due? 

Serrala’s Order to Cash solutions are compatible SAP ECC6 and S/4HANA, meaning that when your organization is ready for the S/4HANA migration, we can migrate our SAP embedded solutions to your new SAP ERP environment with little effort and or operational interruptions, making sure you continue to benefit from all optimizations our Order to Cash solutions have to offer. 

2) Is Serrala certified by SAP for their Order to Cash solution? 

Serrala is an SAP gold partner, all our on-premises solutions are subject to SAP certifications, renewed on an annual basis, ensuring that we continue to innovate and develop our solutions in line with market requirements. 

3) Are the solutions of the Serrala Order to Cash suite available on a standalone basis? 

Although the optimization of end-to-end Order to Cash processes are increasing significantly with the use of Serrala’s Order to Cash solutions suite, each respective solution is available on a standalone basis and can be combined with one or more solutions of the same suite, offering your organization the flexibility to realize automation and optimization in the area(s) most needed. Additional solutions can be added at any time thereafter. 

4) How long does the solution implementation journey take on average? 

The specific automation and optimization requirements typically vary from company to company. To establish an accurate estimate of the required efforts benefitting from Serrala solutions, our solution experts will scope a journey tailored for your organization’s needs, requirements, and budget. Our experts are happy to provide more information upon request. 



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