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Request to Pay

Transform how customers can pay you: Reach consumers and small businesses for onboarding, billing or reminders via any channel for immediate online payment with any method or provider. Streamline reconciliation, improve cash flow, optimize each interaction and speed up your innovation roadmap in online payments.

Easy Request to Pay and Faster Online Payments

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Reduce Your DSO and Collection Costs

Go paperless and lower DSO by 1-2 days and reduce time to pay by 8-10 days, bringing down collection cost by 30-50%

Embrace Perfect Payment Matching

Benefit from 100% payment matching through our payment links. Reduce the manual effort required to match or manage exceptions

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction

Improve the payment experience: increase your Customer NPS by up to 20% and reduce waste calls to contact center by 10%

Reduce Payment Fees and Complexity

Move from complex payments with high card fees to fixed-fee direct account-to-account payments with PSD2 / Open Banking

Single Point of Integration

Mix, match, add or change payment methods and providers over time, without changing your systems, processes and channels



Cross-channel delivery

Deliver invoices or reminders across a variety of channels, combining messages, portals or apps, giving your clients choice, clarity and consistency



Branded messaging & payments

Deliver all communications via our solution with your company branding to build trust and improve your customers’ payment experience


Make Payments Fast, Easy & Intuitive

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Targeted Payment Requests

Take records from any source system and turn them into a unique URL for the requested payment
mobile messaging

Transactional Messaging

Send payment requests via dynamic and branded email, SMS, WhatsApp, and even QR code on paper
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Online Payment Methods

Use any online payment method and provider to optimize choices per case, country or customer
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Real-time Status Tracking

Track, report and use the status of each message and payment for real-time analytics
automated matching

Automated Matching

Ensure accurate payments with the right amount and reference, for improved reconciliation

Customer Success


The multi-line insurer standardized all online payment connections through a centralized center of excellence, now reaching customers through email, SMS, chat, portal, app & more while also improving onboarding, billing, and reminders

10 Mio
Customers consistently reached

M7 Group

The European digital TV channels provider delivers its bills and reminders to Serrala for automated intelligent cross-channel orchestration and delivery as payment requests with different online payment options

Up to 100%
Streamlined operations


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