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Deutsche Bank and KPMG on how Treasury can enable long-term growth with online payments


Digital payments enable and require more than placing the checkout page of a PSP (Payment Service Provider) into a web shop. They can add value for many other use cases, from marketplaces to bill pay and collections. Even if it is “just” for e-commerce, the evolving online payments landscape brings many choices, complexities and opportunities for adjacent systems and processes.

Treasury teams are uniquely positioned to see and optimize this bigger picture. Understanding and optimizing the costs and risks of different payment methods and providers, gaining real-time insights for cash management and ERP systems, delivering superior customer experiences, streamlining reconciliation – they are just some examples of how digital payments can affect and improve the overall business. In the meantime, there are many other dimensions that Treasury functions must concern themselves with, from fraud prevention to FX to defining new KPIs for managing cash.

Deutsche Bank and KPMG collaborated to produce a white paper that provides a comprehensive overview of how Treasury can and does interact with digital payments. A valuable read and reference, it also contains several real-world case studies of how supplementary technology can make it much easier to introduce, manage and optimize online payments beyond web shops. One of these case studies features Serrala, explaining how its pay-by-link solution helped a client introduce pay-by-bank as a new payment method for consumers.

Deutsche Bank white paper Download 

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