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Serrala Group acquires EBPP and RTP specialist

23-04-2020 9 min read

Take your well-oiled finance machine to the next level with a smooth customer payment experience

In an ideal world, you have a happy head of finance and happy customer…  Serrala can now help you to do just that with the recent acquisition of AcceptEasy and adding new solutions to its portfolio.

You are already using an optimized, intelligent process in your finance department which makes you smarter and more efficient. Are you looking for better ways to enhance your end customer’s experience with seamless, secure and consistent payment processes, and preferably all in real time? 

You can now make use of current communication channels such as email, WhatsApp etc. to provide unique request-to-pay links. These links are easy for customers to click and pay and they offer you, as a business, a real-time view of the payment status – so it’s clear on both sides. Not only can you be more efficient in your payments processes but your customers have an easier, more positive experience with your business.  Imagine seamless connectivity with your customers as the solution is integrated with 100+ payment gateways and 50+ financial institutions.

And YES! Finance departments can make an impact on customer experience: you can play a vital part of the customer interaction with the business.

AcceptEasy solutions work for you for these 3 reasons:

  1. Forward thinking solutions that are ahead of the curve in view of recent market developments (such as instant payments, PSD2) and allow real time payment processing
  2. Delivering reduced manual collections, better DSO, improved conversions, reconciliation and ultimately increase efficiency
  3. Integrating receivables management capabilities, which means businesses benefit from a variety of automation options, a must for digital transformation

Let’s talk about how this new solution to the Serrala portfolio can work for you.

serrala accepteasy acquisition image

Click, authorize, done…

Our proven Request-To-Pay solution pushes transaction details to a payer and into whichever online payment method they pay with. Click, authorize, done. A much better experience for customers paying your bills, invoices and reminders from email, SMS, portal, app or even paper. In addition, your finance department enjoys more timely payments, real-time transparency and automatic reconciliation.

Here are some examples from various verticals already benefiting from the solution:


One the major Dutch insurance companies, insures ten million people through ten different brands in the Netherlands. It recognized the many needs for individual online payments around its SEPA Direct Debit operations. Our Request-To-Pay platform is now the default building block for online payments across brands, channels and use cases. Connected to SAP and other source systems, with an API available for deeper integrations, the company has sped up innovation to capture RTP’s benefits across their business. Customers can choose to pay from an email, a text message, the online portal or the mobile app, with all instances updating their status in real-time to bring clarity and consistency.


One of the large global telco giants sells many smartphones with subscriptions online and on invoice in Germany. To address fraud and credit risk, they inserted an extra step into their onboarding process for customers with shaky scores. These customers now receive our Request-To-Pay via email for a down payment, which they can pay with an irrevocable online payment method. Our real-time status updates enable the company to ship the phone immediately after the payment is authorized, without having to wait for the money to actually arrive. The result? A smooth experience, a 75% reduction in fraud, and €0.5m more revenue per month with legitimate customers they used to decline.


One of the largest German car manufacturers offers financial services and insurance services to drivers and small businesses. Those result in bills, and not all bills are paid, resulting in reminders. To improve their process and modernize the customer experience, the company turned to our Request-To-Pay solution in four European countries. It enables the company to reach customers by email and SMS messages, armed with links to easily pay with local or international payment methods. The flexible architecture of the solution allows them to seamlessly switch payment providers or add payment methods, without having to touch the processes set up from their ERP and AR back office.


A major German utilities company provides energy to 700,000 consumers and businesses in Germany. With twenty percent of its customer base causing eighty percent of its bill pay costs, it went looking for ways to make payment easier for customers not on (or struggling with) direct debit. Today, our Request-To-Pay functionality is incorporated into their automated billing, dunning and collections flows to minimize friction for recipients. In addition, its Customer Service team can also create and send RTP messages when customer call about an outstanding amount or misplaced bill. Higher conversion, better service, more efficiency.


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