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7 Reasons for Managing AP and Payments in a Hybrid Cloud


How to take the complexity and costs out of your processes

Paying suppliers is often a high-touch affair for most corporations. Businesses manually handle 61 percent of the invoices they receive from suppliers, the US-based Institute of Financial Managment (IOFM) finds. Making matters worse, businesses also manually process and reconcile most payments to suppliers.

But businesses no longer have to rely on high-touch payment processing. Cloud solutions, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Hybrid Cloud models are paving the way for touchless payment processing. By leveraging strong ERP integration, scalable, standardized and secure processes become the new norm, freeing up staff, error-prone manual work, enabling a stronger focus on activities that deliver greater value to the enterprise. At the same time, fraud and compliance risks can be significantly reduced. 

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