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United Technologies Corporation

Success Story

Protect Data Security and Enable Independent Treasury Operations During Corporate Split

During the recent ASUG Forward event, John Fede of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) spoke alongside Serrala SVP Jaime Ryan, and recounted how the company was able to clone and cleanse its massive SAP system and logically separate its treasury operations to support three separate entities after the world's largest corporate split.

Download this success story and discover how to:

  • Manage the transformation of a large SAP system during a corporate split
  • Automate the process of cloning and cleansing data to protect corporate IP and comply with data privacy and security regulations such as ITAR
  • Set up independent treasury operations for three separate entities using the SAP Treasury and Risk applications
  • Ensure a logical separation of treasury data and processes including: domestic and international cash pools, intercompany lending and foreign exchange services
  • Engage partners such as Serrala to help perform complex system transformation tasks to accommodate aggressive corporate timelines
  • Establish rigorous testing to ensure high quality results
  • Leverage managed services to support specialized functions in SAP to ensure ongoing smooth operations

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