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How Deutsche Bahn AG optimizes its incoming invoice processing in SAP

Deutsche Bahn AG, a global logistics company, receives 12 million invoices every year. However, only 10 percent of these are received electronically. The manual effort involved in processing incoming invoices is correspondingly high. The company wanted to automate the process and enable faster, more efficient invoice processing, so it invested in FS² AccountsPayable, an add on software solution for SAP systems, to replace its very manual process with a digital and automated one.

To date, Deutsche Bahn has been able to achieve:

  • Greater automation and efficiency in invoice processing
  • Reduced need for clarification and coordination 
  • Realization of cash discounts
  • Simplified user administration
  • Improvement of the overall purchase-to-pay process 

Watch our webinar recording and discover how Deutsche Bahn AG went about the project:

  • From RFI to RFQ - development of the criteria catalog for a standard workflow
  • Involvement of cross-divisional and group-wide stakeholders
  • Definition of process standards as part of a continuous purchase-to-pay process
  • Comprehensive change management concept