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Accounts Payable Analytics


Full Visibility Across the Whole Procure-to-Pay Cycle 


Get the most out of FS2 AccountsPayable or Alevate AP solution with Serrala Analytics. The graphical dashboards and KPIs provide AP users immediate access to real-time data.

A license for Serrala Analytics is included with your chosen Serrala AP Automation solution. It does not require a separate reporting environment. It accesses your AP data directly from your system of record, thus eliminating the need to replicate data into a separate reporting instance and potential data latency issues. Users can view the graphical reports in the SAPgui or using a web browser, so no additional software is required to view or operate the reports. 

Our Accounts Payable Analytics module empowers your AP users with advanced reporting capabilities that are both easy to use and simple to administer and maintain. Monitor your end-to-end process efficiency from invoice capture through to payment with fast, accurate data on: 

  • Automation rates, sources, status, and cycle times.  
  • Vendor spending behavior  
  • Discounts at Risk 
  • Days Payables Outstanding 
  • Payment Terms  
  • Open Items  
  • Cash discount deductions 

The information available with Serrala Analytics makes it easy to do everything from tracking the status of in-flight invoices to analyzing vendor spending and payment terms. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to see what is possible with Accounts Payable Analytics today!