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Winter Reading from Serrala

23-04-2021 5 min read

As the temperature continues to drop outside, and the office gets quiet over the holiday season, why not put on a fire and curl up with a couple of good reads from Serrala?

Here are some of the articles and publications we produced over the past few months that you might have missed. They’re full of information on the latest trends in Finance and Technology and we hope that they will inspire you in 2019 to find new and exciting ways to improve your inbound and outbound processes and data and document management practices.

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Quick Reads

Industry View: Sven Lindemann

Sven Lindemann, Chief Executive Officer, discusses how organizations can achieve a true-view of cash-in and cash-out to drive success.

5 Top Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

Ingo Czok debunks the myths and misconceptions around cloud computing. He also discusses how to ensure security and prevent fraud with solutions running in a safe and sound cloud environment.

After Adoption, Consolidation Of Payments Tech The Next Hurdle For Treasurers

Brian Shannon discusses why companies should consolidate their existing payments technologies to eliminate the gaps or friction points that prevent visibility into the flow of payments into and out of the organization.

Outsourcing with Wings

Mickey Vonckx discusses how companies can enable complex new services such as international payment formatting to increase their business agility using a managed services provider.

On Cloud Nine: How Banks can Master the Challenge of Digitization

Sven Lindemann discusses the need for banks to look to Cloud solutions to enable faster, more flexible offerings to avoid being disrupted by emerging financial startups.

Top Tips for Refreshing the Information Management Lifecycle

Dr. Werner Hopf, discusses the importance of putting an information management lifecycle in place to comply with new data privacy regulations as well as current and future fiscal and industry regulations.

The Steady Evolution of RPA to Intelligent Automation

Vishal Awasthi discusses current use cases for robotic process automation in finance and how cloud technology can help companies implement more intelligent automation with machine learning and artificial intelligence components.

Deeper Dives

White Paper: The Future of Payments

Digitization, fast payments, fraud, blockchain, and regulations like PSD2 are key developments that significantly influence how companies and banks manage payments today and in the future.


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International Payments in the Cloud

Companies are facing sophisticated challenges preventing fraud as the world of payments becomes more complex. Learn how to use state-of-the-art technology to support a company's payment processes safely and on time. This webinar will highlight how cloud and managed services options are viable options for controlling international payments. 

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