Connectivity & Formats

Supports all National and International Formats and Protocols

In many treasury organisations payments rank high in the list of improvement areas. Despite the investments made to automation and streamlining of payments processes, there is still a significant opportunity to transform payments, drive innovation and reduce costs. Do multiple formats and connectivity to banks and third parties cause you a headache? Serrala is there to help!

Serrala Helps You to Connect Worldwide – Easily! 

We support you with a unique offering that can handle any format and any bank protocol. Also third-parties like payment service providers (PSP) such as PayPal can be easily connected with our solutions and services. So, whether you want to send a payment using the international standard format ISO 20022 XML CGI or SEPA, or whether you need to apply a local or proprietary format, with our solutions (on-premise, cloud, hybrid, SAP or multiple ERP or managed services) it’s easy to convert or enrich formats and use themost cost-efficient connectivity, EBICS, SWIFT, host-to-host or other protocols!


All Formats, Global Connectivity

  • Different setups, i.e. either on-premise, cloud services or even hybrid are possible
  • Managed services take away the burden of maintaining bank protocols or formats in-house
  • Secure and direct connectivity with banks, financial institutions, and payment service providers such as PayPal directly from within the central system, SAP or other ERPs
  • All national and international bank protocols with the possibility to flexibly combine the different communication types including country-specific protocols (e.g. EBICS, FTX), host-to-host connections such as (s)ftp/https, and connectivity to SWIFT using SWIFT Service Bureaus or SWIFT Alliance Lite2
  • All payment formats, including international standard formats such as CGI XML as well as local, proprietary and other formats, which can be converted or enriched within the solution or as a managed service

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