Payment Management

Serrala helps you achieve efficiency, transparency, fraud prevention, and compliance

Managing payments efficiently is key for every company around the globe. Yet, constant change and complex processes often present organizations with great challenges. Serrala  bring clarity to complexity and offers solutions for greater efficiency, transparency, fraud prevention, and compliance. 

Achieve Cost-efficiency, Central Transparency and Security for Your Global Outbound Payment Transactions

B2B payments differ from one country to another: credit transfer, direct debit, and paper checks are the traditional methods widely used today. New payment methods offered, for example, by third party payment service providers (PSP) such as PayPal or Instant Payments are increasingly making inroads into corporate payments. 

Whichever way we chose to make payments, the concerns remain largely the same: How do I prevent fraud and money laundering and ensure secure payments? How do I keep central control over company-wide cash flows? What is the most cost-efficient way for managing my payments globally? Which restrictions do I have to consider and which regulations do I have to comply with?


Be in Control of Your Global Payments – Optimize Processes and Enhance Security with Future-Proof Technology

Payment Processing

How to achieve efficient and harmonized payment processes with solutions that offer uniquely integrated bank communication.

Global Payment Factory

Make your global payment transactions centrally transparent and highly efficient with payment optimization features enabling global factories and including payments on behalf (POBO).

Connectivity & Formats

Achieve secure bank connectivity that fits your requirements and supports all formats (CGI, SEPA, local, etc.), and bank protocols (EBICS, FTX, SWIFT, H2H, etc.).

Payment Compliance

Easily ensure compliance with international regulations (SOX, SAF-T) and achieve greater security thanks to proactive fraud monitoring, embargo and sanction list screening as well as audit-proof data and document management.

Typical Pain Points in Managing Payment Transactions

  • Complexities of corporate structures with many decentralized systems hampering standardized processes and central control over payment transactions
  • Diverse payment requirements that must be coordinated across multiple banks, in different formats and currencies, according to different regulations
  • Multiple bank communication tools that cause high maintenance, different log-in mechanism and make central monitoring of payments difficult

  • Increasing fraud attempts, including cybercrime, phishing, CFO fraud or internal manipulations, can cause significant losses
  • Increasing international regulations and restrictions to prevent money laundering and funding of counterterrorism
  • Inefficiency and risk of errors due to manual tasks

Modernize Your Payments with Serrala

By centralizing payment transactions you can significantly increase process efficiency and enhance global visibility over your company’s cash. No matter how straight-forward or complex your corporate system landscape is, our solutions can be adapted to your individual payment ecosystem.

With standardized and automated processes we help you to make your payment processes highly secure and compliant with international regulations – at all times.

For bank connection, we chose to implement SWIFT Alliance Lite and to connect this to SAP via Serrala’s payment solution. The in-house working capital agreements are made on a standardized format at ‘arm’s length’, using an external benchmark interest rate. We implemented the payment factory by piloting three companies and then rolled out in additional countries as and when we required.
Jan Willem van Helden

then Corporate Treasurer at Heerema Marine Contractors

Future-Proof Technology — Flexible and Scalable!



As technology follows business needs, we offer different deployment options depending on the solutions you require and the systems you run – be it on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach.


Multiple ERP Systems

The suite enables companies to unify and standardize procedures across multiple, fragmented enterprise systems.


Managed Services

In constantly changing markets we support you with managed services to make you more agile and flexible in your business.

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Achieve Cost Efficiency, Central Transparency and Security for Your Global Outbound Payment Transactions