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The Changing Face of Credit Management


Changing from a "No" Department to a key part of the Finance Value Chain

In the face of an ever more complex global risk landscape, the image and reputation of credit management appear to be undergoing significant changes. While long regarded as an inhibitor for sales, credit management today is transforming itself into a core component of the financial value chain.

As risk becomes an ever growing factor for business, the credit manager’s role of protecting the business is more crucial than ever. However, credit managers can only fulfill the expectations associated with the departments growing relevance, if they are able to act quickly and flexibly.

With the right processes and tools in place, credit mangers can actually facilitate sales, instead of hindering them, by detecting and estimating risk accurately and with precision.

In our whitepaper “The Changing Face of Credit Management” we explore to what degree Credit Management is shifting from a “No” department to the core of the Finance Value Chain, why creating an understanding of the role of Credit in the organization is essential and how collaboration with other departments, especially Sales, can be improved.