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Serrala Drives the Future of Payments

23-04-2021 5 min read

Connecting the Dots in Payments: Fintech Serrala pushes the boundaries of traditional finance software by integrating finance and treasury into one central ecosystem for corporate payments.

Everything in business starts and ends with a payment transaction. Whether received from a customer or sent to a supplier. Nevertheless, disjointed IT systems prevent companies from running efficient and digitized payment processes that compromise security as well as increase an exposure to fraud.  

Companies need to obtain a central view of their cash flow. Payment processes need to be efficient and secure. How? In the past, this has been difficult because of siloed finance departments, separating inbound and outbound payment processes. However, recent innovation, intelligent technology and smart strategies in payment technologies are breaking down these boundaries.

Establish Fraud Prevention Barriers

“Key is the harmonization of the IT architecture. Today, more companies are using hybrid IT model which brings together fintech solutions with existing on-premise enterprise structures. Hybrid solutions can easily connect multiple systems through cloud applications”, Sven Lindemann, CEO of the B2B fintech Serrala, says. The idea is simple: One centralized system creates visibility and access to data for everyone at any time, according to roles, rules and responsibilities. The advantage: end-to-end processes, which are simultaneously secure and agile, including automated fraud screening and detection capabilities.

Connect Payments in the Cloud

“With a unique portfolio, we enable clients to integrate all finance processes into one end-to-end ecosystem – the ‘Universe of Payments’ as we call it”, Sven Lindemann explains. Clients can rapidly adapt to new payment formats and standards, meet global payment regulations and security protocols, and benefit from the latest offerings from banks, payment service providers, and payment channels.

Flexible solutions connect and integrate multiple ERPs (including SAP) to create a single company-wide payment process. They can be deployed on-premise, as hybrid or cloud solutions, or even as an externally managed service. Companies using a hybrid-model can quickly standardize processes across any existing enterprise and middleware solutions. An extensive suite of cloud software and services helps companies to improve payment processing across their IT landscape.

Driving the Next Generation of Financial Software

Serrala has built its unique, broad portfolio based on more than 30 years of experience in the B2B payment space. “With enhanced technology we empower our customers’ digital transformation and enable finance and treasury teams to become highly efficient and innovative business partners”, says Christoph Dubies, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Serrala. “We are developing the next generation of financial software, which includes future technology such as digital assistants. A comprehensive end-to-end portfolio – covering all processes related to inbound and outbound payments, treasury management, including related data and documents – for corporates and banks from just one vendor is unprecedented in the market.”

Serrala is a leading B2B fintech creating more secure global payments capabilities for every enterprise. The company provides unparalleled end-to-end services from inbound to outbound payments to its more than 2.800 global customers (including 25% of the Fortune Global 100 companies).

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