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Serrala at VNSG FOCUS ON

21.03.2023   |  English

As businesses around the world focus on sustainable growth, investing in the right technology becomes more and more relevant. Automation is the key to reducing the cost of doing business while boosting efficiency and spearheading growth. When thinking of automation, think of low hanging fruits - Automating tedious, manual-intensive processes like cash applications can significantly improve your business operations and employee experience.

At its core, cash application is a crucial yet time-consuming process that involves matching incoming payments to outstanding invoices. Without automation, this process can be incredibly tedious, error-prone, and slow. This leads to delays in payment processing, a higher likelihood of errors, and unnecessary stress on your employees.

By investing in technology to automate your cash application process, you can permanently reduce the cost of doing business while improving your operational efficiency. Automation streamlines the payment matching process, minimizes errors, and reduces the need for manual intervention. This results in faster payment processing, more accurate cash application with no unallocated or mis-allocated cash, and fewer headaches for your employees.

But the benefits of automation don't end there. In addition to boosting efficiency and reducing costs, automation can also improve the employee experience. With fewer manual tasks to perform, your employees can focus on more strategic, value-adding activities. This can lead to higher job satisfaction, improved morale, and a more engaged workforce.

Serralas’ automated cash application, FS² AutoBank, automates your cash application and decreases manual efforts to a minimum. Our solutions are fully integrated with your current SAP environment (S/4HANA or previous systems like ECC) and embedded in SAP which means you can post and update data in SAP in real-time.

Join us during at the VNSG event on April 17 to listen to our expert Manuel Klaaßen, Manager Solution Architects, O2C talk you through “How Automating Cash Applications can boost efficiency and spur growth for businesses”.

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