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Serrala Announces Release of BCrest, a Cloud Platform for Banks

Banks can white-label BCrest and use it to offer new solutions to their corporate clients for enhancing and digitizing their financial processes.

Hamburg, Germany – October 15, 2018 – Serrala, the globally leading provider of a comprehensive financial technology portfolio for companies and banks, announces the release of BCrest, the new B2B solution suite for banks to offer to their corporate clients. Banks can use the platform to quickly provide their corporate customers with innovative global capabilities for managing their financial processes such as payment processing & management as well as cash application and invoice processing automation. Corporate banking is in the midst of a digital transformation – new payment methods, channels, and disruptive technologies are emerging. Also, under the PSD/2 European regulations that require banks to provide secured access to their customers’ account information, banks are seeking solutions that will allow them to adhere to this new standard.

“Banks need to start offering their corporate clients more comprehensive and innovative services that go beyond their core business or they risk being disrupted and losing their valuable corporate customers to emerging fintech companies. Our cloud platform enables banks to be up and running with their own, white-labelled, highly scalable, secure offering connecting their corporate clients easily to their customers and suppliers. APIs allow banks to offer additional value-added services to corporations of all sizes in the shortest possible time. Cloud is the future and we want to empower banks along their road to digital transformation with solutions that help them meet the needs of their corporate banking customers” says Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala. 
BCrest builds on the recognized Serrala solutions trusted by more than 2,500 companies globally. As Serrala’s new white label banking offering, it benefits both the banks and their corporate customers. Corporate customers profit from a completely digitized platform that helps them securely manage large volumes of inbound and outbound payments, in numerous payment formats. It also adheres to rapidly changing banking regulations and market trends. Banks benefit from the platform as it empowers them to provide their customers with intelligent automation ensuring that the customers can achieve their industry benchmarks. With BCrest, banks can offer new added-value solutions to their corporate customers. With this offering banks can generate new revenue streams for themselves and help them maintain their role as a trusted service provider and ensuring higher customer retention rate.

The platform allows for an easy integration with the enterprise systems of corporate clients and with third-party vendors using an agile micro-services-based approach. This allows for a quick implementation by the banks and for a direct integration with their customers’ existing ERP and enterprise systems via API. The platform is flexible and can be deployed as a private or multi-tenant cloud solution or as managed service, which enables banks to optimize the use of their IT resources while still providing their customers with best-in-class services. BCrest allows banks to proactively embrace PSD/2 and open banking, moving the digital transformation of banking forward.

“With our solutions banks can focus on serving their customers, helping them enhance efficiency and transparency, prevent payment fraud, meet the latest global payment and compliance requirements. All this is key for succeeding in an increasingly fast-moving, global business environment. It’s a unique new platform that can be flexibly scaled to the different requirements of customers”, adds Lindemann. 

BCrest is the latest solution to be unveiled since the launch of Serrala, a new brand formed by the Hanse Orga Group, following a series of strategic M&A activities. Integrating the experience and offerings of the acquired companies, Serrala offers an inbound and outbound payments ecosystem for banks and corporations that provides security and compliance at every step in the financial value chain. 

About Serrala
Serrala is a pioneer in financial automation with a global track record of nearly 40 years, currently serving over 2,500 customers around the globe.

Through our precision-engineered, award-winning suite of finance automation applications that use advanced and emerging technologies to automate all working capital related processes from Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Cash and Treasury, we free the office of the CFO from the tech, mindset, and process shackles of the past.

We empower leaders to create a quality-driven autonomous finance machine that enables finance departments to deliver unmatched operational excellence where working capital is continually optimized, insights are available for real-time situation visibility, and risk can be better understood and managed, positioning your finance organization for success.


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