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Serrala moves to SkyCampus

The software fintech relocates to SkyCampus Hamburg with 400 employees. Move-in scheduled for end of 2022.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, 22.01.2021 - To be able to grow further, Hamburg's largest Fintech company is moving to SkyCampus. For this purpose, a plot of over 10,000 sq. ft was purchased in the office and commercial location of Norderstedt Nordport, which is directly adjacent to the Hamburg Airport. Around 400 employees will be located at the new corporate headquarters, offering financial services and providing support to medium-sized companies and major international corporations.

Notary appointment in the offices of the company

The notarization of the property purchase took place at Serrala in Hamburg-Schnelsen. Representatives of the buyer-investor company Sky Campus GmbH and the seller, Norderstedt business development company EGNO, met at the current headquarters of Serrala, the future tenants of SkyCampus. Sky Campus GmbH is buying a 10,500 sq. ft site in Norderstedt. The campus will accommodate office buildings, recreational areas and foodhalls.

Fintech company is growing

"We want to continue to grow at the new location. The proximity to the airport, the inspiring environment at Nordport with other market leaders such as Tesa and Casio in close proximity, the commercial and technological infrastructure, and the committed and goal-oriented cooperation with EGNO and the Norderstedt City Council have convinced us," says Sven Lindemann, CEO and spokesman for the management of Serrala Group GmbH. "We plan to move into our new corporate headquarters at the end of 2022, laying the foundation for a technology campus that attracts talent and promotes innovation."

It all started with the Nordport Towers

The success story of Nordport as a commercial location began in 2008 with the construction of a yellow tower, the first of today's three Nordport Towers. Today, it is once again Michael Eckwolf and the project development company Gewireal GmbH who are realizing the new office building for Sky Campus GmbH. "The region offers an enormous amount of potential," says Michael Eckwolf, Managing Director of Gewireal GmbH. "The area, directly adjacent to Hamburg Airport, is ideal for office use. We will create an ultra-modern and highly efficient building that is technically, ecologically and architecturally of the highest standards and enables modern working," says Eckwolf. "With the renowned architectural firm Tchoban Voss, we have creative experts on our side."

The building will be constructed in a U-shape, with a marketplace-like interior space, as a central meeting place for employees, customers and guests. Glass bridges will connect the outer ends of the building and a roof terrace will provide views of the airport.

Best location at the airport

Nordport has become a very popular location in recent years, which is why many international companies moved their offices there. With Serrala, a new international technology company is now joining well-known research and manufacturing companies such as CASIO, Tesa and Condair, which are located in Nordport. This project once again demonstrates the attractiveness of Nordport in Norderstedt which lies on the state border with the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Short distances in all directions – to the airport, the highway and the surrounding area – guarantee first-class connections for employees and customers.

"Intensively and cooperatively, we worked out the best solution together with Serrala," says Marc-Mario Bertermann, Managing Director of EGNO. The municipal business development company EGNO develops and markets municipal commercial properties for the city of Norderstedt. "We are pleased to be able to locate, with Serrala, another internationally active company in Norderstedt."

Prepared for further growth

Construction is expected to start in the second half of 2021. The companies involved have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. In addition to the space now purchased, Sky Campus GmbH has acquired a purchase right to an additional area of over 6,000 sqft. This will enable further office and commercial space to be developed, and make the SkyCampus innovation and technology hub an attractive location for future tenants in Nordport.


Serrala is a leading B2B FinTech creating more secure global payment capabilities for every enterprise. Moving financial processes into the digital age, the software specialist empowers organizations to create a central financial ecosystem, the “Universe of Payments”. The global company is the only provider of a complete and seamless integrated solution portfolio to manage inbound and outbound payments, treasury processes as well as related data and documents. Today, Serrala is a fast-growing innovation driver with more than 2,800 global customers including 25% of the Fortune Global 100 companies and over 700 employees


Gewireal has been active as a project developer with a focus on corporate real estate for more than 20 years. The company organizes the entire project process of a real estate project from the initial needs assessment to the implementation of construction measures. For its clients, the company takes over the entire conception, project coordination and execution of new construction or conversion of areas, land development and the associated financing issues. Teams of experienced construction and real estate experts dovetail the technical, organizational and business issues that arise at each stage of the project, including the development of optimized financing concepts and the provision of necessary investment funds.

EGNO | Entwicklungsgesellschaft Norderstedt mbH

Founded in 1974, EGNO, Entwicklungsgesellschaft Norderstedt, has a wide range of tasks. Its know-how ranges from the development to the marketing of commercial and residential areas, real estate offers to business development and municipal building construction. EGNO's services also include establishing and maintaining contacts in order to achieve the best possible solutions for companies and the city in cooperation with the administration.

About Serrala
Serrala is a pioneer in financial automation with a global track record of nearly 40 years, currently serving over 2,500 customers around the globe.

Through our precision-engineered, award-winning suite of finance automation applications that use advanced and emerging technologies to automate all working capital related processes from Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Cash and Treasury, we free the office of the CFO from the tech, mindset, and process shackles of the past.

We empower leaders to create a quality-driven autonomous finance machine that enables finance departments to deliver unmatched operational excellence where working capital is continually optimized, insights are available for real-time situation visibility, and risk can be better understood and managed, positioning your finance organization for success.


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