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Archive Accelerator Demonstration


In this short video, Dr. Werner Hopf, demonstrates the Archive Accelerator solution from Serrala. Discover how easy it is to automate the essential data volume management activities in SAP systems and stay in complete control of the data in your SAP systems.

The solution archives data consistently, so you can manage the growing volumes of data in your systems and:

  • Reduce the size of your database
  • Maintain consistent system performance
  • Comply with important data privacy regulations, such as GDPR
  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of running SAP systems

The solution leverages the built-in data archiving capabilities available within SAP and automates the entire process. You can quickly define the scope and the rules you want to use to archive information, create and schedule the arching jobs and monitor the entire process from start to finish. Easily manage your ongoing information management activities and follow information management best practices with this intelligently automated solution that will free your IT teams from these foundational tasks so they can spend more time on strategic projects.