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From Capture to Clean Up – How to Manage the Information Lifecycle


How to Manage the Information Lifecycle of Data and Documents in SAP Systems

Our integrated data and document solutions make it easy to manage the information that accumulates in your SAP systems across the entire information lifecycle – from capture to clean up.

You can use the solutions to:

  • Capture inbound information such as vendor invoices, bank statements, or remittance advices from paper or unstructured documents digitally. Our capture solution enables data to move into SAP quickly so you can increase the speed of finance processes and other document-centered processes across your business.
  • Retain copies of documents generated while you process transactions in SAP (Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Invoices) by saving a digital copy in your archive, which can be shared easily with customers, suppliers, and auditors.
  • Store information in a highly scalable, cost-effective cloud repository to provide users with secure, compliant and convenient access to information. Bring together archived information from across your organization into a single repository and enable users to access it directly in SAP and wherever they need it.
  • Control the volume of data in your SAP systems by moving the data that builds up into cost-effective archive storage. By reducing the amount of data retained in your systems, you can improve SAP system performance and reduce the size, cost and complexity of your SAP system.
  • Comply with legal, fiscal and industry regulations with tools that automatically apply the retention terms to the data in your SAP systems and archive repositories. Mask or encrypt data at the database level to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive information.
  • Purge information when it reaches its end of life or when individuals exercise their right to data privacy and ask that their personal data be destroyed.


Watch this video to discover how Serrala Data and Document solutions can help keep your SAP system performance high, operating costs low, and improve collaboration with easy access to information for your users and business partners.