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How To Prevent Payment Fraud Across Your Entire P2P Process

Surveys like the AFP fraud report show that fraud risks continue to be high, especially in these turbulent times. Effective strategies are needed to stop fraudsters right in their track. 

As fraudsters keep innovating and are becoming more active in an increasingly digitized world, it is imperative to give prompt attention to a robust anti-fraud system to detect and prevent payment fraud attempts early on.

Our payments experts discussed in this recording the outlook on P2P fraud and fraud prevention technologies, whilst discussing best practice approaches to make sure your processes work smarter for your organization.


Webinar Recording Insights

The session touches on the following elements:

  • Payment fraud risks in the 'new normal'

  • Understanding anti-fraud payment technology and ways you can apply it in your procure-to-pay process end to end

  • Best practice approaches in P2P fraud prevention and how the Serrala solution can help in your day-to-day work



Nancy Zhang

Nancy Zhang

Director Solution Success Payments

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