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Safe Harbour for Cash in the Perfect Storm

Callisto Grand and Serrala Discuss the Impact of Brexit, Corona, and the Recession on Finance

Brexit, Corona, Recession – finance organizations are facing multiple challenges overlapping and influencing each other in 2021. Against this backdrop of uncertainty and disruption, accounts receivable managers have to prepare for more work and higher complexity. Customer credit risk will rise in many markets due to an increase in insolvencies and late payments. Collections and dispute management could also become more difficult and time-consuming, as account managers might be confronted with new regulations due to Brexit or delivery delays due to interruptions in supply chains because of Corona. In any way, finance organizations need to have the right credit and collections strategies and measures in place, to protect their cash as good as they can in the eye the perfect storm.

In our educational discussion with Central and Eastern European Credit Association Callisto Grand, we discuss the impact of Brexit, Corona, and the Recession on order to cash and how intelligent process design and automation can help, staying on top of these various challenges.