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Touchless AP Processing in SAP

How to Get Automation to Pay Off for You, the Business and Your Vendors  (FS² Accounts Payable)

From invoice capture and processing to approval, exception handling, and posting - AP automation improves process speed and accuracy. But if your team has too many incoming invoices and too few people to do the processing, basic automation will never be enough. You need to achieve truly touchless AP processing if you want your AP team to be able to process large volumes of invoices quickly, accurately and cost effectively. 
In this Webinar Recording, discover how to make the most of your SAP and AP automation investments by implementing key process improvements that will reduce the number of times AP – or others – have to touch an invoice. Explore ways to automate invoice processing as we discuss how to:

  • Increase the percentage of electronic invoices you receive from vendors 
  •  Detect duplicate or incorrect invoices before they enter SAP 
  • Automatically match invoices to purchase orders 
  • Auto-post Non-PO invoices that meet your business rules 
  • Route approvals or exceptions to the right individual for faster posting
  • Reduce time spent answering vendor queries and audit requests

We’ll showcase recent success stories from Serrala customers using our SAP-embedded FS² AccountsPayable solution to illustrate the results that can be achieved when you do more than simply automate – you apply automation strategically to achieve touchless AP processing in SAP.