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Financial automation software for manufacturing companies

26-01-2024 15 mins read

Innovative technology, robotics, and AI don’t just belong on the shop floor. Your enterprise is now positioned to transform your finance and treasury processes as we provide you with a single, centralized view of cash flowing in and out of the business. With complete control over inbound and outbound payments, you’ll have the liquidity to invest in new technology, maintain strong supply chains, and develop new products.

Our software for manufacturing companies is here to address the unique requirements of your industry.

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Optimizing the Order-to-Cash (Invoice-to-Cash) cycle: Accounts receivable teams trust Serrala 

With our cash application, credit, and collection software, you can automate processes by up to 99% across your accounts receivable functions.

Industrial manufacturing companies trust our finance automation solutions. With our help, your teams no longer need to spend hours extracting balances from bank statements, managing high volumes of complex remittance advisories, making sense of varied payment terms and discounts and managing deductions in your invoicing processes.


What can our Invoice-to-Cash solutions do for you?

 Achievements by leading firms using our manufacturing company software include:

  • Up to 99% automation rates
  • Up to 85% automatic matching rates for bank statements
  • Push-button reporting

Stay secure and compliant:

automated clarification, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering screening and GDPR reporting provide you with peace of mind and safeguard your business against legal, data, cyber, and financial risk with minimal overhead.

Match payments more accurately:

our AI-powered technology can revolutionize your cash flow process – automating up to 99% of tasks and allowing largely touchless payment reconciliation – delivering your company immediate cost savings.

Apply cash before breakfast: 

our solution lets you know your exact cash position at any time and apply all cash with automated, same-day matching. This means you can make better use of your company’s funds in your factories, across your supply chains, and in research and development.

Reduce DSO and boost efficiency:

our customers can reduce their DSO (days sales outstanding) significantly by automating manual and repetitive tasks. Your people spend less time chasing invoices, and more time adding value.

Streamline format processing:

automated, end-to-end processing easily manages bank statements, remittance advice, lockbox, and payment service provider settlements. Reducing workloads, reducing fees, and increasing user satisfaction and performance levels across your AR teams.

Take control of your data: our solutions provide your teams with over 400 pre-built reporting KPIs that can all be   accessed in real-time – giving you an up-to-date and accurate overview of your company’s cash position. Reporting is made simple across your entire invoice-to-cash process, ensuring better financial planning and strategic allocation of working capital across all your different business units.

Easily manage customer credit risk:

our industrial manufacturing software gives you the power to automate processes across your credit risk management lifecycle. From accurately determining risk levels to proactive risk mitigation strategies that add value, deepen customer relationships, and help guarantee your bottom line.

Collect cash effectively to improve working capital contribution: 

our solutions for collections, deductions, and disputes are the most comprehensive available, allowing you to centralize and standardize to improve customer engagement and further reduce days sales outstanding.

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Transform your Invoice-to-Pay process  with Serrala AP automation and payment software for manufacturing companies

Accurate and timely payments to suppliers are a key part of your company’s processes and commercial success and vital to good working relationships.

Accounts payable automation software needs to account for the fact that a business like yours might process millions of incoming invoices every year. That means providing a solution that enhances visibility and control over vendor payments while automating and standardizing the processing of incoming invoices across a host of different locations and business units globally. All while supporting connectivity and scalability across growing and changing business units.

Serrala  invoice to pay software for manufacturing companies gives you this capability.

Our AP automation and payment solutions help you secure your supply chains, optimize cash flow, and unlock benefits that realize improvements  well beyond simple efficiency gains.

Our customers report that our software can save their teams thousands of hours a year across their vendor invoice management and payment processes, from receipt to posting to vendor reporting. And enables them to reliably achieve early pay discounts.


What can our Accounts Payable solutions do for you?

Achievements by leading manufacturers using our manufacturing company software include:

  • Up to 70% straight-through invoice processing for selected suppliers
  • Up to 40% auto-posting of invoices
  • Real-time visibility of global invoices

Capture invoices instantly:

quick and accurate cloud-based invoice capture eliminates manual processing for digital invoices. Providing immediate visibility into supplier spend and enabling touchless processing.

Access information anywhere, anytime:

our software lets industrial manufacturing companies view and approve invoices   for payment, on any device, at any time. Your buyers and business users can securely review transaction information and perform needed actions on the spot to ensure timely processing.

Optimize payment processes globally:

a central hub for payment processing across all your ERP and financial management systems streamlines workflows and improves visibility and adds an additional layer of security. Streamline payment processing with workflows that automatically route payment requests for review according to  pre-defined handling rules for greater efficiency and fewer errors. Eliminates the need for multiple redundant bank portals with a solution that centralizes provides readily available bank formats for over 150 countries.

Scale for any size and any country:

Support your business growth with payables and payment solutions that are enabled for global business demands. Quickly onboard new vendors and handle increasing invoice volumes. Easily meet global payment requirements and banking standards with our managed automation service.

Monitor all payments for fraud:

rule-based checks of your payment transactions make monitoring for fraud, flagging suspicious activity, and preventing double duplicate payments simple. This means you’re only spending on the materials your business needs, and nothing can fall through the cracks.

Connect seamlessly:

self-service portals and direct connections to your supplier networks ensure faster receipt, processing, and management of vendor invoices. Connect to bank portals or other payment service providers to centrally manage payments and communications for a streamlined user experience, improved visibility, and enhanced control.

Streamline, standardize, and automate workflows:

enable straight-through invoice processing and instantly optimize and execute payments. Your organization can use our solutions to define business-wide rules that increase efficiency streamline the entire invoice-to-pay cycle by keeping information flowing through the whole process with minimal manual input. Helping guarantee your supply chain and ensuring satisfied vendors.

Learn more about our Accounts Payable solutions 


Cash management and treasury software for manufacturing companies

Managing your finances the right way means the difference between making critical investments in materials, R&D, and key personnel at the right time, or being left behind.

Our solutions help you stay ahead of the pack by empowering you to optimize your cash, plan and forecast your liquidity, take full control of your accounts and mandates, and make intelligent decisions about how you allocate your resources.

Customers tell us that our integrated approach creates better quality data, which in turn makes for an easier and more fluid approach to managing liquidity and financial instruments.


What can our cash management and treasury solutions do for you?

Achievements by leading manufacturers using our manufacturing company software include:

  • More realistic and actionable plans
  • Simple, centralized management of financial instruments
  • Company-wide transactions available for forecasting automatically

Automate processes:

get the data you need automatically with simple, intuitive configuration, whatever your business makes, and whatever your teams need to know.

Monitor and analyze in real-time:

analytics for all account information and cashflow status provide an up-to-the-second picture of your company-wide liquidity, giving you the power to make strategic and tactical decisions at speed and control and plan spend more accurately.

Manage cash centrally:

retrieve data from a variety of sources for a comprehensive organization-wide overview. Eliminating bottlenecks, ensuring you can always apply cash where it’s needed, and keeping everyone informed of your position in real time.

Forecast smarter:

flexibly configure your categories for cashflow-based planning, simulations, and scenarios. This gives you a better idea of how to react in a range of situations from supply chain breakdowns to unexpected market changes.

Manage all financial instruments:

our treasury solution gives you the capacity to manage loans, credit facilities, money market instruments, and more with intuitive connections to trade portals, bank accounts, and other services.

Learn more about our cash management and treasury solutions


Discover how Serrala AI-powered automation software is transforming the way manufacturers handle their finances


Jabil: automating 2 million invoices annually

Jabil is a diversified global electronic manufacturing business with $27.3 billion in revenues and 260,000 employees worldwide.

We collaborated with their team to standardize their AP workflows, automate invoice processing, and provide a single real-time view of vendor invoices across 3 shared services centers.

As a result, Jabil has achieved over 70% straight-through invoice processing rates for selected vendors, with an average of 40% across all suppliers. The company also reports a saving of 2000 hours generating vendor statements of account annually.

“Going digital enabled us to be more flexible and agile …. We were able to quickly redirect vendor invoices from one mailbox to another to balance workloads, and we introduced SmartEye cloud invoice capture to reduce the number of paper-based invoices being processed”. – Roberto Bayon, Senior Director, Global Shared Services, Jabil

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The KRONES Group, headquartered in Germany, plans, develops, manufactures, and installs machines and complete lines for the processing, filling, and packaging of beverages and liquid food.

When they were planning a transformation from a filling line supplier to a turn-key solution provider they turned to Serrala software for manufacturing companies to help radically improve their liquidity planning.

Our solution has allowed KRONES to plan liquidity more accurately, more granularly, and more quickly. Criteria can now be set by the Finance department without IT support, making adapting to new realities easier. Intelligent automation also makes handling high payment volumes simpler – along with scaling to meet growing business volumes. Since they first engaged us in 2007, our progressive updates have helped keep them at the head of the field.

“As Serrala constantly develops the portfolio further including new products for the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles, this ensures that the solutions are future-proof and help us with future challenges.’ – Stefan Bader, Head of Accounting, KRONES AG

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Nordson: reducing processing time by 50%

Nordson is a precision technology company with worldwide exposure and sales of over $1.8bm. It serves numerous consumer non-durable, durable, and tech end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transport, construction and general product assembly.

Nordson sought to address several key issues identified in their treasury. Fragmented infrastructure made the visibility needed for benchmarking difficult, and data quality was poor and difficult to track. Paper-based and time-consuming processes created complexity and made any changes necessitated by new acquisitions or bank accounts challenging.

Serrala’s Treasury solution provides Nordson with a single platform to plan and forecast cash and liquidity, unifying data streams and facilitating simpler and more efficient processes all within the company’s existing SAP ERP investment. Allowing for higher automation rates across the board, reducing DSO, and dramatically improving straight-through processing.

“To summarize the results of the project, we can say that thanks to the SAP-integrated approach of Serrala delivering many intelligent solutions and highest levels of automation and transparency, we have been able to achieve much higher data quality than before.” – Alexander Schulze, Cash Manager Europe, Nordson Holding

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GNS: reducing payment cost with Serrala invoice-to-pay solutions

GNS is a world-leading supplier of shielded transport and storage casks for spent fuel. The company has revenues of 200m EUR and over 700 employees.

The company wanted to contain payment costs while increasing efficiency to achieve a global view of payments across 4 continents, optimize the cost and timing of its vendor payments, increase speed and accuracy throughout the invoice-to-pay process, ease visibility into pending payments, and increase the accuracy of cashflow planning.

With the help of Serrala’s industrial manufacturing software, GNS has achieved a unified invoice-to-pay process across its entire global operations, with 24/7 digital invoice capture. A complete view of outbound payments permits the company to optimize processing, reduce costs, increase security, and secure compliance with all regulations across the 4 continents it serves.

“Management enjoys having all AP information compressed in the info centre with the Serrala solution. It creates a beautiful interface between accounts payable and the finance department, where payment transactions take place.” – Jennifer Schurai, GNS

Read more about the GNS success story 

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