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Navigating the future: Accounts Receivable trends for 2024

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Published on 15-02-2024

As we step into 2024, we can expect every aspect of the finance function to continue to change and evolve. Accounts Receivable (AR) will be no exception. Since your ability to stay liquid and competitive depends on your ability to request and process customer payments quickly, you will need to be on top of the technological, economic, and geopolitical trends driving change in AR if you want to be able to leverage them in your organization.  In this article,  we will explore some of the most important new developments and continuing accounts receivable trends for 2024, drawing inspiration from insights provided by leading research firms such as Gartner and Forrester

Intelligent solutions powered by AI: 

Digital transformation continues to accelerate, and automated, AI-powered digital solutions are now available to deploy in your Accounts Receivable teams. Helping to reshape traditional processes, relieve the pressure of low-level manual work, and dramatically improve overall AR efficiency, accuracy, and speed.  

Gartner predicts a continued focus on automation as one of the leading accounts receivable trends of 2024, with businesses increasingly adopting advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to streamline their AR workflows. Intelligent automation is expected to enhance invoice processingcredit management, and collections, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced manual errors.

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Customer-Centric AR Strategies: 

Forrester emphasizes the importance of a customer-centric approach in AR management. After all, a positive relationship and a great customer experience greatly improve your chances of payments being made on time, and of further purchases and deals in the future. 

In 2024, businesses are expected to prioritize customer experience by offering flexible payment options, personalized communication, and self-service portals. This shift towards customer satisfaction not only strengthens relationships but also accelerates cash flow by minimizing payment delays. 

Data Analytics for Predictive Insights: 

Gartner highlights the growing significance of data analytics in AR operations as another potent member of 2024’s chief accounts receivable trends. Advanced analytics tools are predicted to play a pivotal role in predicting customer payment behavior, identifying potential credit risks, and optimizing cash flow.  

By harnessing the power of data, businesses can make informed decisions, reduce bad debt, and enhance overall financial performance. 

This kind of functionality will be critical in creating a more unified AR landscape for enterprises, many of which still rely on disconnected systems that stand in the way of effective data capture and create an overly complex and inefficient operating environment. Leveraging integration to establish a single source of truth not only improves data accessibility and decision-making, but provides a more streamlined and unified experience for your people, improving their satisfaction and performance. 

Blockchain in Receivables Management: 

The adoption of blockchain technology is gaining momentum in financial operations, and AR is no exception. Blockchain’s main contribution to financial services lies in its ability to create a single source of truth for transactions – potentially making duplicate or erroneous payments a thing of the past and helping to strengthen the security of digital payment options to provide a greater layer of trust between your business and your customers. 

Gartner suggests that blockchain can bring transparency, security, and efficiency to the AR process by providing a decentralized and tamper-resistant ledger. Smart contracts, enabled by blockchain, can automate payment processes, reducing the need for intermediaries and minimizing the risk of disputes. 

Integration of Payment Technologies: 

Forrester predicts a surge in the integration of various payment technologies within AR systems. As digital payment methods continue to diversify, businesses are expected to leverage e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and other innovative payment solutions. This not only caters to changing customer preferences but also streamlines payment processes for both businesses and their clients. 

Cloud will become more important than ever: 

Cloud computing and the adoption of cloud solutions is set to become one of the most important accounts receivable trends in this and coming years. The growing demand for integration is also contributing to the increased prominence of cloud-based AR solutions, alongside mandatory migrations to cloud solutions which are being steadily rolled out by many leading ERP and digital operating platform providers (such as the upcoming SAP S/4HANA migration). 

Cloud extensions and hybrid solutions can help you to make the transition even if you’re still planning to keep your on-premises solutions in the near- to medium-term, and can be updated automatically to help organizations exploit new automation models and rules, and help to create more scalable and sustainable operational bases in the long term.  

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management: 

In the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, Gartner highlights the importance of AR departments staying abreast of compliance requirements. As regulations change, businesses need agile adaptable, and scalable AR solutions to ensure compliance and mitigate financial risks. Continuous monitoring and real-time updates will become crucial components of effective AR management – representing another natural use-case for cloud solutions and also for various AI and ML solutions, which can help human operators to spot potential breaches and act on them before they become problems, and prevent further such instances in future. 

How can Serrala help you navigate the accounts receivable trends coming in the year ahead? 

As we embark on a new year, the Accounts Receivable landscape is undergoing significant transformations fueled by digital innovation, customer-centric strategies, and the integration of advanced technologies. By staying informed and embracing these emerging trends, businesses can position themselves to not only navigate the challenges but also capitalize on the opportunities presented by the evolving AR landscape in 2024. 

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